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FeAture Focus: PublIc sAFety three teChnoloGies improve effiCienCies in GeorGia County Jails and Courts By Laura Hernandez TODAy THE INCREASED use of technology is touching virtually every industry, workplace, and interaction. Forward-thinking county leaders in Georgia are turning this trend to their citizens' advantage, adopting new technologies in their jails and courts that help improve public safety, maximize efficiencies and reduce liability. Three of these top technologies include guard tour systems, online warrants and inmate video visitation. "A correctional officer uses The PIPE, a rugged guard tour recorder from TimeKeeping Systems, to record his visit to a suicide watch cell." Photo credit TimeKeeping Systems. 32 GeorGia County Government Guard tour technology Tapping a wand to a microchip to record volumes of data in a fraction of a second might sound like something out of a futuristic novel, but it's real. Visit the jail in Effingham County and you will see officers using this technology day and night as they make their rounds to check on inmates and facilities - no clipboard or pen needed. The system used by Effingham County, called Guard1 Plus from company TimeKeeping Systems, consists of a wand-like tool that officers carry on their belt as they make their guard tours. A touch of the wand to memory buttons installed at strategic checkpoints, such as inmate cells, instantly records data including the officer's personnel information, the date and time of the check and additional details (such as the inmate's demeanor or activity) that are legally required to be noted when inmates are under close observation. The data collected in the software embedded in the wand is downloaded regularly by Effingham County Jail Commander Captain Brian Barrs, with the resulting report sortable

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President’s Message
Director’s Desk
Legislative Preview
ACCG District Days
The Impact of Body Worn Cameras
Georgia House Bill 310: What it Really Means to Local Governments and Communities
Mobile Integrated Healthcare/ Community Paramedicine – In your County’s Future?
Q & A With Dr. Jill Mabley, Medical Director of Cherokee County Fire & EMS
Three Technologies Improve Efficiencies in Georgia County Jails and Courts
Counties and Inmate Medical Assistance
Dealing with the Mentally Ill in Jails
News & Notes
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Georgia County Government - Winter 2015