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the surfaces actually exposed to direct,
line-of-sight UV light disinfection in the
study represent a minor amount of space
in relation to the entirety of a patient
room if the robot is not moved to multiple
positions. UV devices must be moved to
multiple positions in a room in order to

provide the greatest efficacy. Some companies require that two and even three
machines be used to avoid relocation
of the units, but the question must still
be asked: "Are the high-touch surfaces
being treated properly even with two
machines?" How does one disinfect both

"There is no nationally
or universally
accepted definition
for the word "clean,"
and that's a problem.
To the general public,
"clean" means free
from dirt, dust, grime
and yucky stuff."
sides of a nurse call button or cabinet with
only one treatment?
The answers regarding UV disinfection
are not simple. Like most tools when used
properly and limitations understood, a UV
system can add value, safety and more
thorough disinfection than when a UV
system is not used. UV disinfection is part
of a multimodal process, but one must ask
the right questions and carefully evaluate
the peer-reviewed evidence about actual
infection rate reductions in order to select
the right system.
As you begin your journey in search
of the ideal system that will yield the ultimate result-bringing down your facility's
infection rates and enhancing the safety of
patients and hospital workers-consider
the issues we've discussed as well as the
questions on page 12 to help you guide
your decision-making.

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I EXPLORE I Fall 2017

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John Scherberger, BS,
FAHE, CHESP, is President,
Board of Directors,
Healthcare Laundry
Accreditation Council.

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http://www.geerpres.com/ http://www.geepres.com http://www.digitalhousekeeper.com http://www.nxtbook.com http://www.ajicjournal.org http://www.digitalhousekeeper.com http://www.ahe.org

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