EXPLORE - Fall 2017 - 6


Gary Dolan, CHESP
AHE 2016/2017 President
Director of Environmental Services
The Village at Penn State



reetings friends and colleagues!
Although summer is in full "swing" (I am a golf
fanatic, sorry!), I can't help but look ahead and be so
excited about seeing everyone at this year's game
changing EXCHANGE conference! If you have been
receiving and reading the e-blasts, you already
know a lot has changed!
Over several months, the AHE executive committee, planning committee and staff engaged with a consultant to analyze
EXCHANGE and identify key areas that would make a significant
impact on the attendee and
exhibitor experience.
We were very gratified to
learn we were already doing
better than most in terms of
delivering a quality learning
and networking experience.
Here are just a few highlights of
what you can expect this year:
Deep Discounts to
Facilitate Team Access
to this Premier Event
and Team Learning: For
starters, no registration
fee increase from past
years, PLUS if you register two team members from the same hospital, system or
company at the regular member or non-member rate, you
receive the third one for $350. The more people you send,
the more you save. If you registered before August 8, your
discount was even greater!
Leadership-focused Content: EXCHANGE will always offer
content that focuses on evidence-based best practices and
techniques, but this year's program with focus more on the
soft skills that make us great leaders that build strong competent teams yet minimize staff turnover, reduce operating
costs and improve outcomes.
Preconference Workshops: We've enhanced and expanded
the CHESP review course to a full day of review. We've brought
back the three-day CHEST workshop and the one-day CMIP
in-person session.
Solution Center: We have shifted our exhibit hall from a
Marketplace to a Solution Center atmosphere that focuses
6 www.ahe.org I EXPLORE I Fall 2017

on learning and relationship-building with the exhibitors!
Our exhibitor partners are integral to keeping us at the tip of
the sword on up-to-the-minute products and processes that
impact our daily work! Whether you buy from an exhibitor
or not, that Solution Center underwrites a big part of what
EXCHANGE delivers, so be sure to visit all of them even if it's
to say thank you for their support.
Conference within a Conference: You simply CANNOT miss
this programming. The We Are Environmental Services conference within a conference will offer an interactive learning atmosphere like no other.
Format includes a general
session followed by breakout
interactive sessions in the
same room. Topics include:
Who Are You Becoming as a
Leader? Leveraging Talent,
Understanding Millennials
and Navigating Through the
Noise. We wrap up at 1:00 pm
with the closing. The learning
and networking atmosphere
promises to be like nothing you have experienced at
EXCHANGE in the past.
As a quick side note, additional recommendations will evolve and be implemented over the
next few years, so stay tuned!
Healthcare facilities are looking for leaders who can develop and
share their vision for the department, but they also need strategic,
innovative thinkers that add value and quality while reducing
costs. You owe it to yourself and your employer to spend the time
on your professional development and engage in the face-to-face
networking and idea-sharing with your colleagues.
Oh, and by the way, the venue in Orlando is nothing short of
amazing, and our program has never been at this property. It is
packed with amenities and short walks to everything that says
conference and resort experience. It is also only a few blocks from
International Drive and across I-4 to Disney Springs if you are looking to spread your wings in the evening. Have a great rest of the
summer, and I hope to see you at EXCHANGE 2017!
Gary Dolan, CHESP
AHE 2016-2017 President


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