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executive director’s message Thank You to the ARBA Family is a part of ARBA and so am I. While I will be leaving a part of my professional history here at ARBA, I will continue to support all things ARBA and the promotion of the transportation construction industry in my new role with the Alabama AGC. That you can count on. The board has been extremely generous to my family and I can’t put into words how much that has meant. Stephanie, George, William, Walton, Butler (our Labrador retriever who visited the office with me on many occasions) and I are eternally thankful for the love and support you have all shown. I appreciate more than you know the friendships that have been forged within the ARBA family – those who were members of ARBA and even those who weren’t. We are all family in my opinion. Having the privilege to work with Shirley Banks, the wonderful lady who actually put out my birth announcement in 1968, was an honor. Shirley loves this industry like I do, and her loyalty to ARBA is unequaled. And the support from Terri Mitchell (a 20-plus year ARBA employee), and now Hayley Drumwright, has been incredible. Terri is very special for ARBA. She works for this industry and cares for it on a daily basis. Hayley had some awful big shoes to step into following Shirley, but she has done so without missing a step and we are indeed lucky to have her in our family. I will miss their smiling faces, great attitudes and desire to work their hardest for our members. I’ll miss my friends from AAPA down the hallway, Mel and Sherri, but I know I’ll By Billy Norrell I ARBA DURING BILLY’S TENURE… can honestly say I never thought I’d be writing this column. When I accepted the position in 1998, I became a “real” member of the ARBA family after hearing about it for most of my life. I grew up attending ARBA conventions with my parents, stuck ARBA stickers on every bike, skateboard and golf cart I ever had and finally got big enough to fit into the official board blazer that belonged to my dad. My parents participated in ARBA events and always talked about what the association did for our business and industry. I was excited when my dad would bring home a trophy from the ARBA golf tournaments. I remember I used to brag to my friends about his being President of the Alabama Road Builders Association. ARBA was (and is) very important to me. Maybe that is why making this move was such a difficult decision. Opportunities such as the one that came to me at ARBA are special indeed. And my personal involvement with the industry made it even more so. My family May 29, 1968, Billy Norrell is born; Grady Norrell, owner of G. W. Norrell Contracting, is current President of ARBA February 1, 1998, Billy Norrell begins tenure as executive director of ARBA ARBA supports passage of county bridge replacement program 1968 1998 2000 6 ARBA passes highway workers protection act establishing double fines in work zones ARBA establishes Alabama Road Builders Hall of Fame 2001 2003 ARBA defeats legislation to divert highway funding 2005 ARBA implements first dues restructuring in almost 20 years 2007 ARBA passes heavy equipment dealers franchise protection act Billy Norrell serves as Chair of the ARTBA Council of State Executives 2008 2009 see them around. The same can be said for all of our ARBA members. While I may not be seeing or talking to you as frequently as if I were still a part of ARBA, you can be assured that I’ll be watching over the activities of our association, and participating as often as I can. Every president I have served with has been extremely dedicated and worked tremendously hard for our industry. I cannot say enough good things about them. Our industry is truly blessed to have so many strong leaders in its ranks, leaders who are willing to give their time and step into leadership roles within ARBA. The search committee did a great job in identifying Tom Layfield to serve as your next Executive Director. He will do a wonderful job at ARBA, and we are fortunate to have him in the family. The future is bright at ARBA, and I expect more leaders will continue to emerge. I have made some very close friends during my time here. I don’t expect that just because my email address is changing, that means we can’t continue to stay in touch. I promise I will do my part. Stephanie was expecting with George when I started this job – and we just took him to get his learners permit last week. William just got his boating permit after turning 12 and Walton turned 9 years old Aug. 12 (and is asking what kind of license he can get for his birthday). Like I have said before, time flies when you are having fun – and this truly was a fun job for me. Thank you ARBA for all you have meant to our family. We are truly blessed to have been a small part of your rich history. ❏ ARBA supports passage of $1B highway construction program (referendum fails) 2010 ARBA passes implementation of “Tax at the Rack” to protect highway construction dollars 2011 ARBA passes contractor liability protection act 2012 Billy Norrell serves as President of the Alabama Council of Association Executives 2012 ARBA receives favorable ruling defining project completion from Alabama Supreme Court. Aug. 31, 2013, Billy Norrell leaves ARBA to become CEO of Alabama AGC 2013

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The Alabama Road Builder - Fall 2013