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ARTBA New ARTBA "Backing & Spotting" Training Program Helps Prepare for OSHA Regulations By Brad Sant Senior Vice President of Safety and Education, ARTBA T he Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is preparing federal regulations to address "back over" hazards in road and bridge construction work zones. Transportation contractors and their employees should prepare to meet the latest requirements. The new "Safe Backing & Spotting" training program, developed by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association Transportation Development Foundation (ARTBA-TDF), will help save lives and money and reduce regulatory hassles. "Backing of trucks and equipment in the construction industry is one of our most serious and common problems," said Steve Hubbard, corporate safety director at Lane Construction Company. "This problem has been with us for years and the statistics that I have seen clearly show us it's not going away." About half of the more than 120 road construction and maintenance workers killed every year on U.S. transportation infrastructure projects die in "struck by" or "back over" incidents. OSHA estimates 15,000 workers are also injured annually in these situations. These are more than just statistics. Behind every fatality or injury is a personal story of tragedy and 16 loss, especially for the victims' families, friends and co-workers. Roadway accidents also cost transportation contractors and other employers a lot of money - more than a half billion dollars annually, according the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Each death in the construction industry costs an estimated $4 million in direct and indirect expenses, while each injury resulting in lost work days costs $42,000. Work zone fatalities and accidents also cause reputational damage, which can be a negative factor when it comes time to secure new contracts and retain skilled workers. The first-of-its-kind "Safe Backing & Spotting" course is specifically designed for - and aimed to reach - workers, foremen and supervisors on road and bridge projects. It will help companies protect their most important asset - their people - as well as their businesses' bottom line. This new program is the latest in a broad series of ARTBA-TDF training developed over the past 30 years to tackle emerging safety risks unique to transportation design and construction professionals. Developed by ARTBA's team of safety experts, "Safe Backing & Spotting" is designed to meet the rigorous ANSI/ASTM E2659 standard for certificate programs - the most highly regarded specifications for such curriculum. The program focuses on helping workers avoid dangerous traffic areas on roadway construction sites, recognize hazards surrounding equipment and provide clear communication between drivers/operators and spotters through the use of standardized signals and communication. The course will be taught by ARTBA's roster of master safety instructors, who have literally written the book on work zone safety training. They have been developing safety programs for ARTBA and key federal agencies for more than a decade and have hundreds of years of collective transportation and construction experience. During the four-hour course, crew members will learn: * A thorough understanding of spotting signals and communications between drivers/operators and spotters - through this program, ARTBA-TDF introduces the first set of nationally-standardized backing hand signals for this industry; * Recognition of the "sphere of safety" - the hazards above, below and around moving equipment - and how to communicate those hazards to workers, operators and drivers; * Traffic and pedestrian routing strategies as a result of hands-on training, classroom activities and a spotting skills test; and * How to identify equipment blind spots and train workers and operators how to safely navigate congested work areas. All attendees will receive a certificate of completion from the ARTBA-TDF. Employers will also receive documentation for their insurance carriers, helping to potentially reduce cost or hold premiums in check. "ARTBA has worked extensively with federal agencies, labor unions and construction organizations to develop more effective work zone safety," said Leo Vecellio, chairman and CEO of Vecellio Group. "This new program is specifically designed for the road construction industry, helping employers and workers reduce the number of injuries and fatalities caused by unsafe backing." The base fee for the "Safe Backing & Spotting" course is $3,000 for up to 40 attendees, plus materials costs. For more information and to schedule a class, please contact me at or (202) 289-4434. ❏ Brad Sant is ARTBA's senior vice president of safety and education.

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