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COVER STORY WILL TECHNOLOGY COMMODITIZE YOUR BUSINESS? BY BRAD LONTZ 6 | v i e w t h i s i s s u e a t | W HEN WAS THE last time you made travel arrangements through a travel agent? Why? As sites like Travelocity, Expedia and others became popular, travel agents had difficulty demonstrating their value. What was the consumer getting for the fees travel agents charged? The technology allowing consumers to connect directly to travel providers commoditized the travel arrangement business.

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Cover Story: Will Technology Commoditize Your Business?
The Future of Data in London
Technology Adoption by the Numbers: Before Automating, Examine Process and People
What Appears Innovative Today Will Be Expected Tomorrow
London Market Modernization: A Continuous Path to Excellence
Lloyd’s: Behind the Scenes Toward a More Educated Coverholder
FHA Mortgages and the NFIP: Opening the Flood Gates
17 Terrific Negotiating Tips
American Jobs for America’s Heroes Campaign Makes it Easy and Free to Hire National Guard and Other Vets
In the WIN-ner’s Circle
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WIN Magazine - Spring 2014