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FEATURE THE GUIDE TO DEVELOPING & MARKETING A NEW PROGRAM BY ROBERT J. GLETTER, CPCU, ARM E VERYONE HAS BEEN involved in a real estate trans- action as either the buyer or seller. As the buyer, you are looking to get everything on your wish list at the lowest possible price. As the seller, you are looking to get maximum value for your property. Sounds simple enough, but it gets more complicated based on the state of the marketplace. At any point in time, the pendulum can swing from one side to the other depending on supply and demand. As a seller, you can't understand why buyers are not flocking to buy your "dream home" that you spent years perfecting to your tastes and desires. As a buyer, your thoughts are probably along the line of, "What were they thinking?!" MAKING YOUR PROGRAM ATTRACTIVE Things work similarly in the program world for property and casualty business. In this case, the 16 | v i e w t h i s i s s u e a t | buyer is the insurance carrier and the seller is the specialty agent look- ing to develop a custom program. As the seller, you want to make your program as attractive as possible to the largest number of buyers. You need to assess how attractive and successful your program can be in the market. That assessment should include answering the fol- lowing questions: 1. Is there a market need? Do I have a 'catch' that would make my pro- gram unique and attractive to my

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How Programs Can Drive the Future: Education, Creativity and Incubation
The Guide to Developing & Marketing a New Program
Maximizing Value for Acquisition: A Guide for MGAs
Drones Take Flight: Key Issues for the Wholesale Insurance Market
A Budding Emerging Issue: The E&S Market Responds to Marijuana Legalization
Simplifying and Enhancing Binding Authority Business Processes: A Personal Perspective
Deaf Students Poised to Seize Career Opportunities in Risk Management & Insurance Field
AAMGA Education Foundation Announces 2016 Annual White Paper Contest for RMI Students
In the WIN-ner’s Circle: Bryan Sanders, President of Markel’s Wholesale Division
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WIN Magazine - Winter 2015