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FEATURE DRONES TAKE FLIGHT: KEY ISSUES FOR THE WHOLESALE INSURANCE MARKET BY LAURA CADDICK AND TREVOR MAYNARD A S EARLY AS 1946, Science magazine con- cluded: "Drones, as the radio-controlled aircraft are called, have many potenti- alities, civilian and military." Seventy years later, that potential is now being realized. Exponential ad- vances in sensor technology, satellite positioning systems, communication links, and computer processing power have given drones a wide range of applications. Such innova- tive applications fall into two key areas: 1. Measurement, including environ- mental monitoring, photography and filming. For example, the BBC World Service uses drones; Kenya deploys drones to monitor poach- ing on game reserves; and the 3 0 | v i e w t h i s i s s u e a t | first marketing companies have been censured for using drones to collect and to monitor cell phone activity. 2. Transport, including targeted delivery. Drones have been used to deliver textbooks and medicine to remote locations. In Japan, around 40 percent of rice crops are being sprayed using drones. In cities such as London, the first drone

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How Programs Can Drive the Future: Education, Creativity and Incubation
The Guide to Developing & Marketing a New Program
Maximizing Value for Acquisition: A Guide for MGAs
Drones Take Flight: Key Issues for the Wholesale Insurance Market
A Budding Emerging Issue: The E&S Market Responds to Marijuana Legalization
Simplifying and Enhancing Binding Authority Business Processes: A Personal Perspective
Deaf Students Poised to Seize Career Opportunities in Risk Management & Insurance Field
AAMGA Education Foundation Announces 2016 Annual White Paper Contest for RMI Students
In the WIN-ner’s Circle: Bryan Sanders, President of Markel’s Wholesale Division
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WIN Magazine - Winter 2015