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Gallaudet Chapel Hall FEATURE DEAF STUDENTS POISED TO SEIZE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN RISK MANAGEMENT & INSURANCE FIELD BY KAITLIN LUNA AND PHIL DIGNAN G ALLAUDET UNIVERSITY, the world's only lib- eral arts university in which all pro- grams and services are designed to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing students, is now offering a major and a minor in risk management and insurance (RMI). The development of the academic program is thanks in large part to a generous donation of $500,000 from the Maguire Foundation. The funds are being used to establish the Maguire Academy of Risk Management and Insurance, and to pave the way for students in Gallaudet's Department of Business to pursue careers in the insurance industry. According to estimates from the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs related to risk management and insurance such as actuaries, financial analysts, accountants and auditors are expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2022. "An estimated 400,000 jobs in the field of insurance and risk management will become avail- able in the coming years as people in those jobs retire," said Dr. Isaac Agboola, interim dean of the School of Education, Business, and Human Services at Gallaudet. "The industry is beginning to recruit new talent, and Gallaudet students will be poised to seize those new job opportunities." The mission of the Maguire Foun- dation is to invest in young people by partnering with educational institu- tions to provide students with scholar- ship assistance and grants for grade school, high school, and college. The Foundation was founded in 2000 by James Maguire, Sr., founder of Philadelphia Insurance Companies, and his wife, Frances M. Maguire. "The Maguire Foundation is an engaged partner, and we deeply appreciate their investment in our 4 4 | v i e w t h i s i s s u e a t | students' futures," said Gallaudet president T. Alan Hurwitz. "The establishment of the Academy makes possible more private-sector career choices. It also aligns with our stra- tegic plan of increasing internship opportunities for our students, which strengthens our student recruitment efforts and keeps our business pro- gram exciting and cutting edge." The Maguire Foundation funded a similar program at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia in 2007. St. Joseph's faculty and staff are advising Gallaudet faculty and staff as needed during the launch of the new program. Maguire found success by selling life insurance to the deaf community during the beginning of his career, a niche that developed from a friendship with a deaf couple. As their friendship grew, Maguire learned sign language and began a 50-year connection to the deaf community. For the past two years, Gallau- det University has been offering

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How Programs Can Drive the Future: Education, Creativity and Incubation
The Guide to Developing & Marketing a New Program
Maximizing Value for Acquisition: A Guide for MGAs
Drones Take Flight: Key Issues for the Wholesale Insurance Market
A Budding Emerging Issue: The E&S Market Responds to Marijuana Legalization
Simplifying and Enhancing Binding Authority Business Processes: A Personal Perspective
Deaf Students Poised to Seize Career Opportunities in Risk Management & Insurance Field
AAMGA Education Foundation Announces 2016 Annual White Paper Contest for RMI Students
In the WIN-ner’s Circle: Bryan Sanders, President of Markel’s Wholesale Division
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