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Dear Colleague: I am pleased to present the 2013 NYSAC County Directory. This directory includes contact information for the thousands of elected and appointed county officials across New York State. I am energized by the commitment and ideas these leaders bring to our counties and our association. The New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) is honored to represent all of our member counties. This directory is the only comprehensive and up-to-date listing of New York’s county officials. 2013 brings with it new challenges and opportunities, and there are no shortages of either for our counties. As local leaders, we are challenged daily to figure out how to provide and pay for local services and infrastructure needs when our revenues are consumed by fixed and mandated costs. We must continue to educate the public and our State representatives about the impact State mandates have on our counties and advocate for reforms. To that end, NYSAC continues to focus on serving our members through research, legal briefs, advocacy, training and education programs and developing partnership programs and services designed to save counties money. NYSAC has a number of ways for you to get involved: attend the 2013 Fall Seminar in Syracuse, take advantage of the many programs and services provided through NYSAC, join a standing committee and be part of the collective county voice that advocates on behalf of the millions of New Yorkers we serve. Sincerely, Ed Diana President MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Dear Member, The New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) is proud to present the 2013 County Directory, a comprehensive listing of the officials serving our member counties. NYSAC remains dedicated to representing, educating, advocating for and serving New York State’s “community of counties.” As your association, we continue to focus on providing high quality programs, services and information designed to support the daily work of county officials. In addition to this annual directory, NYSAC sponsors three major conferences each year, publishes a seasonal magazine, daily county news, weekly reports from Albany, a series of policy briefs, and conducts surveys to gauge county concerns on a wide array of issues. NYSAC is the most trusted source for information and research related to New York’s counties. The NYSAC County Directory is the “go to” resource for county contacts throughout the state. It is the only annual directory and most comprehensive publication of elected and appointed county employees from each county. I am certain you will find it to be an invaluable resource. Sincerely, Stephen J. Acquario NYSAC Executive Director 2013 County Directory 7 ASSOCIATION INFORMATION MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT

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New York State Association of Counties - 2013 Directory