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RISK MANAGEMENT BY TOM STRASBURGER Balancing the Burden of Risk Management and Compliance T here are ever-increasing safety and compliance requirements districts must keep on top of throughout the school year. And, the burden of managing the many compliance requirements and safety initiatives fall on different shoulders based on size of district. In small districts, there are a few people wearing many hats with limited time to keep up with these requirements. In larger districts, these responsibilities are spread across many people in different departments with different responsibilities, thus making it difficult to aggregate the information needed to improve processes to reduce risk. Even for those districts fortunate enough to have a designated risk management officer, these individuals are often tasked with keeping up with records or chasing people or paper. In any of these cases, safety and compliance requirements can slip through the cracks and may not get addressed. To ensure districts are meeting all safety requirements in order to control risk and to stay in compliance, they should consider the following when creating a comprehensive school safety program. Focus on complete compliance vs. training mandates - When some administrators think about school safety compliance, they focus mostly on OSHA and other mandated training school staff need to take. However, compliance is seldom only about training. Districts must complete various tasks, such as drills, inspections, communications with or reporting to local authorities, policy and procedure sign offs, and annual review of various written programs. They must also stay on 14 *

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Risk Management Balancing the Burden of Risk Management and Compliance
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School Environments Keeping Eyes on the Ball(s) — Creating Healthy Indoor School Environments
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ASBO Matters News Journal - Spring/Summer 2016