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INNOVATIVE CL ASSROOMS Bel Air High School Opens New Aquaponics Lab S tudents in Mr. Hedelson's Environmental Science II class are learning alternative methods of food production in their new aquaponics lab. Mr. Hedelson was able to convert the school's conventional greenhouse into a fully operational aquaponics facility. "This is an incredible opportunity for students to learn about modern agricultural practices. They can experiment with adjusting food, sun, and other variables to see impacts on the fish and plant growth," said Mr. Hedleston. The customized system was designed and built by Burdette Industries, a local aquaculture/aquaponics company. The project was funded largely with a grant secured with support from the Food and Nutrition Department. The lab has several tanks for growing fish connected to planting beds currently growing lettuce. Solar powered pumps periodically flood the plant beds with the nutrient rich water from the fish tanks, which cleans the water and fertilizes the plants. Proudly Serving ASBO Baltimore/DC Est. 1870 CNR has facilitated more than $3.5 million in energy savings incentives from local utilities for our customers. Call us today... we can help you take advantage of these incentives & fast-track your energy efficiency goals. This symbiotic relationship mimics a balanced ecosystem and allows students to learn how the natural world operates without pollution. "The system was designed with two goals in mind. Incorporate new technology and, secondly, we wanted our students to see how the system operated," said Andrew Cassilly, Resource Conservation Manager for the schools. Viewing windows were installed so students can see the bio filters in action and the solar panel mounted above the tank. The practice of aquaponics for fish and crop production is rapidly growing in popularity. Aquaponics farmers closely monitor their systems to maximize production, while reducing the risk of contamination to both plants and animals. Students in the Environmental Science II class are able to grow and harvest crops and learn about their importance to a healthy diet. "We are very excited to be part of such a wonderful learning opportunity for our students," said Gary Childress, Supervisor of Food and Nutrition. The project is an initiative to support both STEM and the "Farm to Schools" programs. * For over 20-years we have worked with Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland school systems in providing high quality commercial and architectural skylights, canopies, and glazing systems with unmatched industry leading warranties. * A local manufacturer based in Hurlock, MD that will work with you from conception to completion of all overhead natural lighting projects. * Naturally defused daylighting in classrooms has been found to dramatically increase student learning rates! * A Proud member of ASBO! Local 410.242.4172 Toll Free 800.545.0440 16 * 789610_CNRobinson.indd 1 Phone: 1-800-776-1539 Website: Email: 20/01/16 5:29 PM 785705_Starlight.indd 1 1/13/16 3:01 PM

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ASBO Matters News Journal - Spring/Summer 2016