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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE BY JOHN LANG III Professional Certification Can Initiate Change "Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others." -Jack Welch, Retired CEO of General Electric AS A SCHOOL BUSINESS OFFICIAL you're used to working behind the scenes to make sure the buses pick up students on time in the morning, that the schools are clean and designed to support the classroom teacher and technology, that qualified personnel are hired for the myriad of positions in a school system, and that parents and the community know that their tax dollars are being spent effectively and responsibly. When you're doing your job well, you don't always receive the recognition you deserve. How do you take off that "cloak of invisibility" which all too often seems to mask what you do and do well every day? Professional certification can change that. Professional certification is a pinnacle achievement that reflects your superior knowledge, experience, and commitment to excellence as a School Business Official. Whatever your role-IT manager, facilities engineer, or HR recruiter-it demonstrates that you have worked hard to advance your skills and learn about all the core areas of school business. That you are working to master your position and that you don't consider school business as just a job that you do. It's your career and you understand how doing it well is ultimately critical to student success. Sure, certification is personally validating, but it also demonstrates to your boss, their boss, and future bosses, as well as to the community, that you understand the importance of what you do and embrace the serious responsibilities that come with your position. That you have made a personal commitment to being the best that you can be at what you do and that you understand what it means to be a school business leader. ASBO MD&DC offers a professional certification program that reflects your work experience, superior knowledge, completion of its Foundations of School Business Management curriculum, and training in a classroom setting. Earning your professional association's certification is an acknowledgment of your commitment to school business and education, and demonstrates that you have the business acumen to effectively perform your job, that you know how to be an effective leader, and that you have the integrity and skillset to do what's best for your students. Find out what it takes to become an ASBO Certified school business official-visit the ASBO website at, Professional Development and get started! TS YOU TO WHAT MATTERS EC ASBO MARYLAND & D.C. CONN ASBO Maryland & D.C. is helping you stay connected. In addition to the Directory and Resource Guide, our member communications include ASBO Connects eNewsletter and ASBO Matters News Journal. INTERESTED IN ADVERTISING? CONTACT JACQUELINE MCILLWAIN, PROJECT LEADER AT 352-333-3360 OR JMCILLWAIN@NAYLOR.COM. ASB-B0116 Filler ThirdHz_MKG.indd 1 2016-01-19 9:24 * AM5 ASBO MATTERS NEWS JOURNAL

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From the President
Executive Director’s Message
Association News
Budgeting Wisely How Do You Manage What You Don’t Measure?
Financial Management Managed Print Services Help PCCPS “do More With Less”
Supplier Partnerships Benefiting From a Supplier Partnership
Risk Management Balancing the Burden of Risk Management and Compliance
Innovative Classrooms Bel Air High School Opens New Aquaponics Lab
Interactive Data Schools Can Achieve Budget Transparency Online
School Environments Keeping Eyes on the Ball(s) — Creating Healthy Indoor School Environments
Professional Development (Net)work That Conference: 15 Proven Tips to Help You
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ASBO Matters News Journal - Spring/Summer 2016