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Feature Top 10 iPad Counselor Apps Many of us are now getting and using iPads in our schools. They certainly make a great addition to our programs! I now find that I use mine fairly regularly (some days more than others, it just depends on the day). I'm often asked which apps I recommend to school counselors and how they are used. So here's my list (in no particular order). Most of these apps are free, however, for the few apps that By Andrea J. Burston Elementary School Counselor in Raleigh, North Carolina, US I bought, I used an iTunes gift card (put that on your school wish list for next year). You pay the small fee once and are allowed to use the app as long as you wish. Scribble Press iReward lite TeacherPal Cost: $3.99 Cost: Free but there's a paid $3.99 version with extra features Cost: Free Story creating app that students really enjoy! The stories are pre-made and the students can fill in the blanks with their info. Can be used as a getting to know you activity in both individual and group settings (in a group setting this would be great to use for those of you that have school sets of iPod touches). Puppet Pals HD Cost: Free but there's a paid $2.99 version with extra features My students LOVE this app -another story creation app where students can take pictures of themselves from the iPad camera roll and insert themselves into a story. There was so much interest from the students in this app that I purchased the $2.99 version. It was well worth it. CloudOn Cost: free Awesome app that allows you to open, edit, create and save Microsoft office documents. CloudOn also synches with Dropbox so you can easily access your files. Pulse Cost: Free This is one of my favorite apps! Read all your favorite news feeds, tweets and blogs in one spot. I use Pulse to read all of my counselor blogs that I follow. I can't say enough about this app. I've used a sticker chart during my groups to keep track of behaviors of students and offered a reward once they earned a certain number of stars. Well, just imagine that being kept track of on the iPad. You can take headshots, set up each student's info and easily keep track of their stars. This also is great to use for groups using iPod touches, because the iReward app can be synched on several devices. Dragon Dictation Cost: Free Need a break from typing on the smaller (and sometimes difficult) iPad keyboard? Just speak and dragon will transfer your voice into written text. I know of counselors that record notes and reminders for themselves using Dragon. You can edit, save and email those notes. When I taught computer applications classes, we did a unit on using Dragon and it has come a LONG way; it's so much better now. Blogger Cost: Free Many us are blogging (or are planning to blog). This is the app to do so. I'll admit that I don't actually type my blog posts on my iPad (I like the keyboard of my laptop) but when I take pictures I usually use my iPad and I can easily upload the pic to the blog using this app. There's also an app for those of you that use WordPress (another blog site). BC Counsellor | Winter 2013-14 | www.bcschoolcounsellor.com This is great to organize groups and keep track of who's in which group. Dropbox Cost: Free If you already have a Dropbox account, here is another way to access your files. For those of you not familiar with Dropbox, it's a free online storage for pictures, files, documents. I use Dropbox every day. Breathe2Relax Cost: Free Neat calm app that helps students inhale and exhale with their breathing to relax or calm down. You can handle them all Cost: $1.99 Great tips on how to handle children's inappropriate behaviors. This app is so popular/helpful that all the school psychologists in my district have iPads and this app is on each one! For more apps and info: Check out the school counselor iPad wiki at: http://ipads4schcounselors.wikispaces.com. About the Author: Andrea J. Burston is an elementary school counselor in Raleigh, North Carolina and the author of the JYJ Counselor Blog (bit.ly/jyjscblog). She loves to incorporate the use of technology in her school's counselor program and can be contacted at jyjcounselor@gmail.com. 11 http://www.ipads4schcounselors.wikispaces.com http://www.bit.ly/jyjscblog http://www.bcschoolcounsellor.com

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