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an Integrated Life WORDS OF WISDOM FROM AUTHORS, LIFE COACHES AND THERAPISTS BY BEAUTYLINK STAFF H ow well are you balancing the demands of your professional and personal life? The challenge of achieving equilibrium between life and work has spawned many self-help books and countless workshops and retreats. Perhaps it's no surprise that experts are coming to a collective a-ha moment and advising clients to pursue not balance, but life/work integration. For many perople, the personal state of balance is usually influx. An integrated lifestyle allows individuals to bring aspects of their life that they enjoy into their work life. BeautyLink asked several authors, life coaches and therapists to share their insights on living a more integrated life. Below are some of their words of wisdom. Practice What You Teach Lisa Bahar is a L licensed marl riage and family r therapist who t recently spoke r at the "Women's a Wisdom: BalancW ing Work and Life Conference" in Los Angeles. Bahar advises clients to say no to unwanted requests that don't align with their purpose. "Determine what is important and what you should or could let go so that you have time for your personal interests," she advises. Bahar says people can feel more comfortable saying no by declining requests respectfully, within a reasonable timeframe and suggesting others who might welcome the commitment. And Bahar says that beauty and wellness professionals can play a unique role in helping others find balance. "Learning to put small pleasures in your day, like manicures and facials, is a great way to relax and recharge," she says. Beauty and wellness professionals need to literally practice what they teach and indulge in these self-care services. Rely on "Pillars of the Warrior" Shawn Rhodes is a former Marine war corresponw dent and life d coach who comc bines lessons b gleaned during g military service with insights from his tenure studying at a Japanese martial arts temple rooted in ancient warrior techniques. Rhodes refers to "Five Pillars of the Warrior" as he coaches people to achieve a more integrated life. The pillars are: 1.) Awaken: Warriors have historically woken to a moment when they could not tolerate the status quo; 2.) Embrace Challenge: Master warriors view a challenge as a way to contribute positively to their world; 3.) Simplify: The simplicity and calmness of Japanese homes and monastic lifestyles reflect an intentional decision to simplify internally and externally to gain clarity on life's purpose; 4.) Mastery: Mastering any art (like cosmetology) provides a state of flow in one's daily activities; and 5.) Service: The highest evolution of a warrior is to live a life of service. The Japanese concept of "On," or benevolent obligation, gives people a way to tap into a reservoir of gratitude, serving their families, communities and world. Embrace Chaos Author, speaker A and coach Kat a Hurley advises H people to embrace p chaos and lose the c drama. "If we're d not creating as n much stress over things not going our way, we're much more likely to feel balanced in the moment," she says. She also advises her clients to go on a commitment diet by giving up those things that don't contribute to well being. "Often times, we are doing activities we feel like we should do, but we don't get any joy out of them. These are the first things we should give up. Then we need to identify those mindless The course ED110 - Time & Stress Management for Instructors is available on the AACS Online Training Center. Members call AACS at 800-831-1086 for your VIP Discount Code. Visit the following URL to learn more about this course: 24 | BE AU T Y L I NK | BAL *ANCE | 2014 Learn More

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