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What are ways you work to create work/life blance? VOICES FROM THE CLASSROOM Christine Clinton Donna Haynes Joey Alonzo Shannon Cousineau Paul J. DiGrigoli With a busy private practice, a teaching schedule and ITEC exams, I make a point of switching off my phone between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. when I make dinner and share some time with my family. On the weekends, I try to keep my technology time to a minimum. Additionally, I include my family in my work life so they know where I am and what I'm doing either with clients, teaching or on a flight. I have a blessed and fulfilled life, but it's not always easy to strike a balance! A fundamental factor in accomplishing work/ life balance is simply lif planning a stick-to-it pl list. Start your day lis fueled with positive fu energy-viewing your en day through an optida mistic eye and an I-canm do-it approach. Having do a holistic approach h will help you structure w your day using your yo time effectively and tim efficiently. Be at peace ef with yourself. Always w include your family in in your daily planning as yo they are a great source th of energy. Have a passion for what you are sio doing-doing so brings do joy and adds motivation. jo Ib believe in smiling, it is worth it as someone will smile back at you. w Stop, laugh, eat well St and do something for an yourself. Remember to yo also help someone along al the way, listen intently th and make positive coman ments. At the end of the m day, give yourself a pat da on the shoulder for a job well done. w On One of the ways to create work/life balcr ance is to prioritize an scheduling. Although sc schedules are useful, sc over-scheduling is not. ov To avoid over scheduling yourself, don't treat in all tasks equal. Instead, al prioritize the two or pr three things you must th accomplish in a given ac day. Then, add two or da three things you would th like to do, but that aren't lik imperative. You'll finish im the things necessary th and feel accomplished, an but you will not feel that bu sense of overloading a se long to-do list brings. lo The second way to creTh ate work/life balance at is to make a little time for things that ignite fo your joy. Some of the yo things that spark my th joy are cycling long jo distances, cleaning my di house while I listen to ho music, and spending m some ME time resting to so recharge for the rest of re my workweek. m Ba Balancing a family a and career is the hardan n est thing I have ever es s attempted to do. My at t best piece of advice is be e to make every minute o count at work. Making co o every day as productive ev v as possible is key. Doing s this will enable you to th h lessen the workload you le take home. I also create ta a balance by getting up ba a at least one hour before t my household. This m works for me because wo I a a morning person. am By doing this I get to y enjoy a cup of coffee, en n read the paper or maybe re e catch up on a show. I ca a often use this time to of f set goals for the day as se e well. Approaching my we workday with a plan wo of action helps the day f go smoother, creato ing balance and good in n workflow! wo I always say when you're a at work, work. When you're at play, play. yo Don't mix the two. I like Do to stay organized and set a schedule to stay on se track. Plan an agenda tr either the night before eit or the morning of your day and set your priorida ties for the day. Zero in tie on your top three most important tasks for im the day, this way you'll th remain focused and re consistent. We're usuco ally pulled away each al day by distractions, da which puts us out of balw ance and doesn't allow an us to focus on our most important tasks either im at work or at home. Christine Clinton, ITEC USA and International Spa & Salon Services Inc., Horsham, Pennsylvania Do Donna Haynes, Houston Training Schools, Houston, Tra Texas Te 54 | B E A U T Y L I NK | BAL *ANCE | 2014 Jo Joey Alonzo, director of education, National Creative ed Artistic Educator at I.T.S. Ar Academy of Beauty, Plano, Ac Texas Te Sh Shannon Cousineau, Kenneth h Shuler School of Cosmetology, Sh h Rock Hill, South Carolina Ro o Pa Paul J. DiGrigoli, president and CEO of DiGrigoli Salons and CE DiGrigoli School of Cosmetology, DiG national motivational speaker na and author of the best-selling an book Booked Solid: The Ultimate bo Guide to Getting and Keeping Gu Clients Cli

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