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a BLOW OUT Career NO CUT, NO COLOR SALONS BY BEAUTYLINK STAFF N o cut. No color. No problem! Licensed hairstylists can find rewarding careers in a new type of salon-the blow dry bar. The explosive growth of blow dry salons across the nation is creating opportunities for licensed professionals who have perfected their blowdrying skills. As the popularity grows, several AACS member schools are helping students prepare for careers in no-cut, no-color salons. Unlike full-service salons that offer a range of services including haircuts, hair color and various chemical processes, blow dry salons focus only on blow outs, with limited styling services. Customers typically pay $35-$40 for a blow out and a bit more for limited styling options such as a sophisticated ponytail or chignon. Are dry salon careers a good fit for your school and its students? It is always wise to determine whether a particular product or service fills a need in the market. The success of Drybar CEO Alli Webb proves that popular demand for blow dry salons is more than a lot of "hot air." Consider the Nov. 30, 2012, Forbes article titled, "How One Woman and a Hair Dryer Became a $20M Operation." While the no-cut, no-color salon concept began on the coasts, such salons are increasingly common in Middle America's metro areas. Cities such as Chicago and Indianapolis have recently opened blow dry salons. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture teamed up with Drybar to open its first Chicago salon in December. "Blowouts are a rapidly growing service in the industry, and we are honored that Drybar contacted us for support as it was opening its first Midwest store," said Tricoci University of Beauty Culture CEO Brian Weed. Tricoci offered its school to allow Drybar to train its staff pre-opening. The collaboration resulted in placements for some of Tricoci's recent graduates. Erica Valentin is one Tricoci grad who found her calling in the dry salon environment. She credits both the drying techniques "A dry salon is a great choice for a student who is interested in specializing in one area and being the best at it." Tricoci University of Beauty Culture graduate Erica Valentin at the Chicago Drybar location. B E AUT YL I NK | BA L* A N C E | 2 0 1 4 | 57

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Beauty Changes Lives
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Battle of the Strands
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Launching a Blow Out Career
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BeautyLink - Volume 6, Issue 2