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MESSAGE FROM THE AACS PRESIDENT AND CEA CHAIR Consistently Go Below the Surface AS BEAUTY AND WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS, Whether it's running a school or maintaining a radiant complexion, consistent attention to what's going on below the surface delivers the best results. we recognize the importance of a great skincare routine. But sometimes we need to remind our spa clients (and students) that even the most innovative treatments and therapies are no substitute for proper skincare on a daily basis. As amazing as a HydraFacial or other treatment may make skin look, optimal results are dependent on doing the little things (cleanse, tone, moisturize) consistently. A consistent skincare regimen is designed to prevent issues from developing "below the surface." And it turns out that what is good for our skin is also good for our schools. Consistent attention to details can keep our skin glowing and our school growing! In fact, consistency is one of the key factors necessary to cultivate staff and student morale. The days pass quickly and often it becomes much too easy to deviate from tried FORGET ABOUT ORANGE, skincare is the new black! Healthy, glowand true success habits and policies. ing skin is universally flattering and esthetics educators are the go-to experts when it comes to skin care. But an on-again, off-again approach to work or skincare inevitably Let's start with the "A-word" - age. Those of us in the Baby results in a breakdown - whether Boomer generation have made it abundantly clear that we refuse to in collagen or classroom morale. look (and sometimes act) our age! Baby Boomers such as Christie If we want to consistently deliver Brinkley, 61, and Sandra Bullock, 51, have redefined what middle optimal performance, we must age looks like and have inspired younger generations to take skinfollow a regimen of daily, weekly, care seriously. Today's beauty educators are introducing students and monthly activities that ensure to unprecedented tools, treatments and skincare technologies. sound operational and educational From stem cell facials to chemical peels, we are preparing students performance. Such consistency is as to keep clients of every age looking radiant. imperative to the good health of your As interest in skincare continues to grow, new products are school as it is to your clients' skin. continually being introduced to address specific skincare concerns. You've heard that where there is As educators, we have a responsibility to stay on top of emerging trends, including new product ingredients and technologies. We smoke there is fire. Letting things smolder below the surface can be can also work with students to make sure they understand the detrimental resulting in breakdowns importance of product recommendations and retailing in the and breakouts. However, proacstudent spa. A client may leave with glowing skin, but she should also leave with the products that will help her maintain her comtive, frequent scanning for areas of plexion at home. improvement in the classroom and the student salon helps students, Actually, a skin therapist might be selling those products to staff and the overall school. men, because the business of men's skincare is booming (check out Whether it's running a school or Steven Frost's comment in this issue noting one-third of the clients maintaining a radiant complexion, at Dermalogica's student spa are men!). Gone are the days when a man's skincare regimen consisted of a razor and shaving cream! consistent attention to what's going Just as a person's skin is ever evolving, so is an educator's role. on below the surface delivers the best results.  Make sure you keep your education know-how in top form by joining me at CEA, July 24-27 at the beautiful J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix.  Skincare is the New Black DON YEARWOOD AACS PRESIDENT 10 | B EAU TYLINK | MO R E THAN SKIN DEEP | 2 015 CAROL WOODARD CEA CHAIR

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Message From the AACS President and CEA Chair
Spring Executive Retreat & Financial Aid Workshop
And Then There’s Compliance
The Esthetics Regulatory Environment: What You Need to Know
Spotlight on Esthetic Treatments: Sugaring
6 Questions With Steven Frost, Dermalogica Academy Director
Trends: Where Old School Meets New
Tapping Into the Asian Skincare Market
Multicultural Corner
The Nitty Gritty on Lasers
Mind Over Hair Matters
Getting Started With a Barbering Program
Superstar Graduate
What It’s Like to Work in a Med Spa
What to Say When You Have to Say, “You’re Fired”
A Student’s Perspective
Beauty Changes Lives
Voices From the Classroom
People & Places
Associate Member Profiles: Marketing & Advertising
New Products & Services
New School Members
Upcoming 2015 Events
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BeautyLink - Volume 7, Issue 2