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A STUDENT'S PERSPECTIVE Taking Nail Art to New Heights Student: School: "If you have a dream and work toward it, you'll have fuel to spare at the end of the day." Does your school have a student you'd like us to interview for a future "A Student's Perspective" in BeautyLink? Write to us at 20 Start Date: Study Area: Hobby: Holly Kalil Advance Beauty College Garden Grove, CA March 1, 2014 Cosmetology Travel Those words introduced the judges of the BCL CND Tippi Hedren Professional Nail Competition to Holly Kalil. The clever essay application reflects Kalil's two decades of flying the friendly skies as a flight attendant for a major carrier. As a full-time student at Advance Beauty College, owner of Fly Girls Nail Art salon and a working flight attendant, Kalil's career is taking off on many fronts and she understands the value of being prepared for unforeseen situations. Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the airline industry experienced severe financial difficulties and Kalil began thinking about a second career. She dreamed of a salon where nail enthusiasts could go to indulge in a variety of treatments ranging from a simple manicure to a coordinated mani/pedi design. Her vision expanded to include a franchise component that would put nail salons in airport locations, attracting not just frequent flyers but "frequent filers" through a loyalty program. In 2013, Kalil founded Fly Girls Nail Art in Newport Beach, CA, and found that she was not content to simply serve as the salon owner, but wanted to become licensed as well. Her interest led her to Advance Beauty College and she began taking classes to earn her license. "I was intrigued by the advanced classes available that focus on gel and nail design as well as the fact that they also offered courses in cosmetology and esthetics," Kalil said. What does a typical week look like for this student, business owner and "high flyer"? Kalil typically works round trip night flights from California to Hawaii on Sunday and Monday and occasionally works another flight mid-week. From Tuesday through Saturday she juggles classes from morning to early afternoon and works in her salon from midafternoon to evening. Amid this schedule, she still finds time to attend the ISSE and Nail Pro trade shows and research the latest nail design trends on Instagram and Pinterest. Kalil says her role as a salon owner shares many commonalities with her work as a flight attendant, particularly when it comes to customer service. COFFEE, TEA OR MANICURE? | BE AU T Y L I NK | CEL *E*BR AT E | 2014 "When customers come into my salon, I use the same skills I use as an air hostess. I greet them, offer them a beverage and try to make them comfortable," she said. Passengers often compliment her on her nails. "Our hands can be conversation starters," she remarked. Beyond word of mouth, Kalil grows her nail salon through fliers, an advertisement in the Orange County Monthly, messages on cash register receipts, Groupon and social media. How does she keep so many roles in the air? "When you're doing something you love, you don't consider it work," she says. Education is also important. In her late 30s, Kalil wanted to work on international flights, so she learned French as a second language. "It's important to dedicate yourself to education so that you can achieve your dreams," she said. Looking to the future, Kalil plans to take advanced nail programs and continue perfecting her craft, while retaining her role as a flight attendant and franchising her business. "I'd love for Fly Girls Nail Art to be a household name," she said. Does she have any concerns about making it happen? "If you have a dream and work toward it, you'll have fuel to spare at the end of the day," she said. As an entrepreneur, aspiring nail tech and beauty school student, Holly Kalil is truly taking beauty and wellness to new heights.

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BeautyLink - Volume 6, Issue 3