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Celebrating Our Graduates CEREMONIES, AWARDS AND ACHIEVING DREAMS BY LAUREN BECHTLER-DAVIS G eorgia Career Institute (GCI) made a decision many years ago to mark the achievement of its students with an annual formal commencement ceremony. For many of the institute's students, the experience of being called to walk across the stage and be greeted by faculty and administration is one they have not had until this milestone. For many others, receiving recognition for their academic or practical achievements has never happened before. Celebrating Students At GCI, graduation ceremonies serve to celebrate the achievements of our grads and to honor the sacrifices most have made-and they get to display their successes to families and friends. We also host the graduation event to say "thank you" for choosing to study at GCI. 22 | BE AU T Y L I NK | CEL *E*BR AT E | 2014 When a student completes their program, an official diploma is issued at that time. During the graduation ceremony, the institute provides a letter, rolled and tied diploma-style, thanking the student for choosing GCI and for helping them achieve their career dreams. The institute observes several original and customary traditions. One example of an original tradition is the presence and symbol of the calla lily. A flower long associated with grace and beauty, the calla lily starts its life looking much like plain grasses and weeds and develops into a stunning graceful structure at maturity. Each student carries a calla lily into the commencement exercises. The long stem is tied with a ribbon that represents the caduceus medical symbol for our wellness programs. The prominence of these symbols for wellness and beauty are reflected in the official seal of the institute and serve as a reminder of our core mission and the graduates' reception of that mission. Honoring Top-Performing Students The ceremonies focus accolades on our top-performing student graduates. One student is selected as valedictorian, graduating with the highest academic and attendance average. In addition, students from each of the disciplines are acknowledged for various awards for academic, practical or professional excellence. * erfect Attendance: Given to students P who had perfect attendance throughout their program-with no tardiness, absences or early clock-outs. This is typically a very small category! * cademic Achievement: Awarded to A a graduate who, in the opinion of the faculty, exceeded the most within the academics of their program. This does not necessarily mean the highest GPA,

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Message From the Aacs President & CEA Chair
The Workings of Washington
The Art of the Consult
A Student’s Perspective
Celebrating Our Graduates
Access and Affordability
And Then There’s Compliance
Are You Ready to Thrive?
Navigating the Acquisition Path
Creating a Marketing Mixture
Multicultural Corner
Culture Trumps Strategy
Beauty Changes Lives
Engaged Learning
Superstar Graduate
20 Ways to Celebrate You
Battle of the Strands
Students Leaving the Beauty School “Nest''
Why Every Educator Needs to Be at CEA This Year
Step by Step
Voices From the Classroom
People & Places
Create a Recipe for the Future
New Products & Services
Associate Member Profiles: Furniture Manufacturers
New School Members
Upcoming 2014-15 Events
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BeautyLink - Volume 6, Issue 3