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re tu l Cu TRUMPS STRATEGY "C ulture" seems to be the new "quality" in the realm of business. Simply defined, culture refers to an organization's people and how they behave as they interact internally and with customers. In a service business such as beauty and wellness education, can you think of a more critical element to get right than culture? During the AACS Spring Operations Conference, Dr. Joe Pace of The Pacific Institute remarked on the importance of culture to an organization's success. "Culture trumps strategy every time," he said. But great cultures do not happen organically. "Less than 1 to 3 percent of organizations have great cultures that happen by accident," he added. Culture is cultivated through an intentional strategy that connects an organization's people with its brand mission and vision. Does that sound too ethereal? Dr. Pace offered a practical example of how a company brand is aligned with peoples' behavior. "The Ritz Carlton hotel chain connects its brand vision and mission to the behaviors of its employees via a succinct brand message: 'Ladies and gentlemen serving Learn More ladies and gentlemen,'" said Dr. Pace. The brand message effectively connects the audience it serves (ladies and gentlemen) with the behaviors of its employees (ladies and gentlemen). The People Powered Brand, by Chris Wirthwein and Joe Bannon (Paramount Market Publishing, 2014), echoes Dr. Pace's remarks. The book lays out a process that explains how organizations can align their people's hearts, minds and behaviors with the corporate brand. Connecting the brand and culture is especially important for "considered purchases" such as beauty and wellness UNCOVERING THE OTHER PART OF THE ICEBERG BY BEAUTYLINK STAFF Now imagine a student who sets up a tour only to find that the classrooms are disorganized, the students are loitering and smoking outside the front entrance, and two instructors are in a very loud and heated discussion? Chances are, the student who wants to attend a top-tier school will find her school visit experience much more influential than a beautifully designed direct response device or attractive website. Paraphrasing the saying "seeing is believing," one might say "culture is convicting." Sometimes, a school's culture isn't obvious at first glance. Dr. Pace compared "Dr. Pace compared an organization's culture to an iceberg, where only a portion of the entity is immediately visible... what lies below the surface can be especially dangerous to those aboard the enterprise." education. That's because such transactions involve people on both sides of the purchasing transaction. When customers (student prospects or salon customers) connect with the culture (an organization's people), the likelihood of a purchase or follow-up purchase increases. Imagine a school that bills itself as being an "Ivy League beauty school." an organization's culture to an iceberg, where only a portion of the entity is immediately visible. And just like the iceberg that sank the Titanic, what lies below the surface can be especially dangerous to those aboard the enterprise. Some of these dangers are negative people. "For every negative human interaction, it takes 11 positive experiences to compensate," The courses ML111 - Leading and Motivating and CM106 - Creating a Compliant Culture: Do's and Don'ts are available on the AACS Online Training Center. Members call AACS at 800-831-1086 for your VIP Discount Code. Visit the following URLs to learn more about these courses: and B E AUT YL I NK | C E L* E * BR AT E | 2 0 1 4 | 45

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Message From the Aacs President & CEA Chair
The Workings of Washington
The Art of the Consult
A Student’s Perspective
Celebrating Our Graduates
Access and Affordability
And Then There’s Compliance
Are You Ready to Thrive?
Navigating the Acquisition Path
Creating a Marketing Mixture
Multicultural Corner
Culture Trumps Strategy
Beauty Changes Lives
Engaged Learning
Superstar Graduate
20 Ways to Celebrate You
Battle of the Strands
Students Leaving the Beauty School “Nest''
Why Every Educator Needs to Be at CEA This Year
Step by Step
Voices From the Classroom
People & Places
Create a Recipe for the Future
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Associate Member Profiles: Furniture Manufacturers
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BeautyLink - Volume 6, Issue 3