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Engaged THE JOURNEY OF HUMAN CONNECTION BY KATHY JAGER Learning T oday's soon-to-be professionals can be socially challenged-arriving at your school having overlooked the importance of face-toface communication skills. Technology has sheltered them from sharpening and practicing the essential skill needed in this industry: engaged oneon-one interaction. Because of the convenience of texting, tweeting and email, we need to salvage the art of communication by recreating the classroom experience. Remember: Engaging with people is the foundation of the beauty business, and without great communication and the ability to adapt and adjust to human experiences, the likelihood of producing successful hairstylists is limited. Engaged learning allows students to participate in real-life activities through collaboration, exploration and discovery with their peers. Learn More Three Tips for Engaged-Learning 1 Greet Them Enthusiastically After the initial excitement wears off, students can come to school late, tired and not as excited to be there anymore. Why does this happen, and how can we change their attitudes? You can start by making everyone feel comfortable with a smile and greeting them by their name, as this helps to set the tone for the day. You can surprise your students by changing the classroom atmosphere. An example would be to create a circle with their chairs in the center of the room and have pieces of paper, markers and some music going in the middle. Tell them, "Today is a day for you to express yourselves for success." The activity could consist of students custom designing their own personal "quote" with an inspiring message or mission statement that they will stand by professionally. Suggest to them that they can use images from magazines, online or create their own to represent their core message. Then have them write a brief summary on why they chose their design and quote, and how it represents what they believe in and how it will shape their future as an industry professional. At the end, have each student complete a two-minute presentation to share with the class. Students love to talk about themselves. This activity allows for freedom of expression and helps them learn about each other in a safe, intimate setting. 2 Let Them Co-Create Pick a student and have them work on a lesson plan with you or have a student pick another classmate and have them both work on a lesson plan together for the day. Promoting student collaboration in lesson planning increases their focus, helps them become more interested in "To be successful in the beauty business means that students need to understand that, primarily, we are a face-to-face people industry. Our business has more to do with relationships than it does with the art of hair." The courses ED111 - Active Learning Methods and ED205 - Enhancing Students' Professional Skills are available on the AACS Online Training Center. Members call AACS at 800-831-1086 for your VIP Discount Code. Visit the following URLs to learn more about these courses: and B E AUT YL I NK | C E L* E * BR AT E | 2 0 1 4 | 51

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Beauty Changes Lives
Engaged Learning
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Battle of the Strands
Students Leaving the Beauty School “Nest''
Why Every Educator Needs to Be at CEA This Year
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BeautyLink - Volume 6, Issue 3