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SUPERSTAR GRADUATE A Conversation With Drybar Co-Founder Alli Webb BY BEAUTYLINK STAFF "Customer service is a huge driver for our business, so above all we look for hairstylists who share our passion for making women look and feel beautiful and amazing." Drybar, Alli Webb has helped create an entirely new niche in the beauty and wellness industry. A Toni and Guy alum, Webb spoke with BeautyLink about heeding her call to focus on hair, being an entrepreneur and what she looks for when hiring beauty school grads. AS CO-FOUNDER OF BL: What led you to a career in beauty? I spent my 20s bouncing around, trying to find my thing. I really enjoyed the PR business and was lucky enough to work with some unbelievably talented artists (Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Paul McCartney). But hair has always been my passion and I just needed to put my own spin on it. Over time, I became frustrated that there wasn't a good place to get a great blowout without paying an arm and a leg. Nothing existed, so along with my brother Michael Landau and husband Cameron Webb, we created Drybar. LEFT. Co-founder of Drybar, Alli Webb, a Toni and Guy alum. ABOVE. At year-end 2013, Drybar had 35 U.S. locations with plans to open additional locations in 2014. BL: Did you have any career mentors? I have a lot of mentors; first and foremost my brother Michael. I also really admire strong, ambitious women, such as Jenna Lyons who has transformed J. Crew and Eva Chen, editor in chief of Lucky magazine. BL: What do you look for when hiring hairstylists at Drybar, especially recent beauty school grads? BL: Where did the inspiration for Drybar come from? We work really hard to ensure consistency across all of our locations. We have a very extensive training program that has been a labor of love for me to create. Our standards are extremely high for both customer service and quality blowouts. Customer service is a huge driver for our business, so above all we look for hairstylists who share our passion for making women look and feel beautiful and amazing. It was a personal necessity. I have naturally curly and frizzy hair and I longed for a great place to get a weekly blowout at a reasonable price. There was a big hole in the marketplace. BL: What advice would you offer to a beauty school student who dreams of working in a Drybar salon? BL: How has Drybar grown over the past five years: We had 35 locations in the U.S. through the end of 2013 and are opening additional locations in 2014. Last year, we had gross revenue north of $40 million. We've also developed a product line sold in Drybar, Sephora stores and on QVC. Do you know a superstar graduate? Send a brief bio along with the graduate's contact information to Your superstar could be featured in the next issue of BeautyLink! 54 BL: How did you learn entrepreneurship and can it be taught? My parents owned and operated their own business when I was growing up so I was lucky enough to learn the ins and outs of running a successful business from them. I believe being an entrepreneur is in my blood, but I think with enough passion and hard work, anyone can do it. | BE AU T Y L I NK | CEL *E*BR AT E | 2014 I always advise stylists to pay attention to trends. Check out what is happening on the runways and in fashion magazines. That is what the majority of us women want. And practice, practice, practice! I would be thrilled to see beauty schools put more focus on the styling and finishing process. BL: Can you elaborate on a statement you made in an earlier interview-you're not selling beauty, but self-esteem? We always say we aren't selling blowouts; we are selling the happiness and confidence that women get when their hair looks fantastic. It never ceases to amaze me how a great blowout can completely transform a woman's mood and attitude. It does for me, but the real joy is watching the transformation happen on over 100,000 clients every month!

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BeautyLink - Volume 6, Issue 3