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VOICES FROM THE CLASSROOM How and why do you celebrate at your school? Linda Balkcom celebrating when one of my students has low self-esteem and does a 360-degree turnaround. I feel like celebrating when they hold on to their dream and run with passion, and finally graduate with honors! I have a cause for celebration when 99 percent of my class graduates, when 90 percent have good attendance and when they walk the hall after completing 1,500 hours. I feel successful when they come out and bang on their lockers, yelling out their name in celebration for reaching the finish line. And, finally, when they pass their state board test and have their dream job. That is worth celebrating! I FEEL LIKE Linda Balkcom, Empire Beauty School, Stone Park, Illinois Mackenzie Taylor main goals is to recognize students who put into action the principles and lessons they learn in the classroom. This is especially true as it pertains to our Milady Business Fundamentals program. For example, students who reach their client goals for five weeks on the clinic floor receive a special red apron. Students who receive the red aprons feel like it gives them a touch of distinction among a sea of black smocks! Clients also typically ask why the students are wearing the red aprons versus the black smocks. So, these accomplished students are always receiving words of praise, not just from instructors but from clients, too! ONE OF OUR Mackenzie Taylor, Kenneth Shuler Schools of Cosmetology, South Carolina 66 | BE AU T Y L I NK | CEL *E*BR AT E | 2014 695214_Champion.indd 1 6/6/14 6:03 PM

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Message From the Aacs President & CEA Chair
The Workings of Washington
The Art of the Consult
A Student’s Perspective
Celebrating Our Graduates
Access and Affordability
And Then There’s Compliance
Are You Ready to Thrive?
Navigating the Acquisition Path
Creating a Marketing Mixture
Multicultural Corner
Culture Trumps Strategy
Beauty Changes Lives
Engaged Learning
Superstar Graduate
20 Ways to Celebrate You
Battle of the Strands
Students Leaving the Beauty School “Nest''
Why Every Educator Needs to Be at CEA This Year
Step by Step
Voices From the Classroom
People & Places
Create a Recipe for the Future
New Products & Services
Associate Member Profiles: Furniture Manufacturers
New School Members
Upcoming 2014-15 Events
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BeautyLink - Volume 6, Issue 3