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THE WORKINGS OF WASHINGTON AACS Completes a Busy Summer, While Looking Ahead to an Even More Important Fall PROVING THAT YOUR AACS While our activities are too voluminous to report here, you can review all activity on the AACS Government Relations page at Government Relations Committee is capable of multitasking, and in response to the, question, “What did you do this summer?” AACS responds that we have recently: • Participated in the U.S. Department of Education's Regional Field Hearings discussing issues for consideration in the next round(s) of Federal Negotiated Rulemaking; • Helped secure a one-year extension in the effective implementation date of the State Authorization regulations. We’re working with membership, states, and the department to ensure full compliance by July 1, 2014; • Responded to the Department of Education's June 12, 2013 Federal Register announcement of their intent to host a 2013 Gainful Employment Federal Negotiated Rulemaking session and request for nominees with the experience to negotiate proposed revisions to the rule with a list of three qualified AACS candidates; • Submitted the latest version of AACS' CARE Initiative—our Association's package of recommended revisions to the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA)—to the House Education and the Workforce Committee in preparation for the 2014 Reauthorization of the HEA; • Submitted comments responding to the Department of Education's July 29, 2013 Student Loan Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and; • Having been appointed by the Secretary to serve as a member of the 2013 Gainful Employment Federal Negotiating Committee, prepared to serve as a non-federal negotiator representing the interests of your students and institutions in the important negotiations scheduled for September and October! While our activities are too voluminous to report here, you can review all activity on the AACS Government Relations page at www. The following letter attached with our August 28, 2013, response to the Department's NPRM on Student Loan Issues scheduled to take effect under the Master Calendar by July 1, 2014, is one example of the resources available on this site. BY TOM E. NETTING, AACS PUBLIC POLICY ADVISOR 12 | B E A U T Y L I NK | C AN YO U HEAR ME NOW? | 2013 Dear Dr. Finkel: On behalf of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS), its membership and the students our member institutions prepare for rewarding, licensedcareers in a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry, we wish to thank the Department of Education for the July 29, 2013, publication of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) proposing revisions and additions to the federal student loan programs. As the Department is aware, AACS was actively involved in the development of these regulations at every phase in the process. AACS: • attended all four of the May 2011 regional field hearings; • submitted nominees seeking to serve as the lead non-federal negotiator representing the interests of for-profit institutions of higher education; and, • served as an alternate on the negotiating committee during the January, February and March 2012 negotiations. Before turning to our comments, AACS would like to take this opportunity to directly thank the Secretary, the Department and all of the staff who were responsible for the development of these regulations. We also would like to thank those involved for providing AACS Government Relations Committee Chairman Anthony Fragomeni the opportunity to serve on the committee. AACS and Tony take pride in the negotiating committees' ability to have obtained consensus on this important package of regulations, and are pleased to offer our Association's and our communities' support for the revisions and additions proposed. While in support of the NPRM, AACS would be remiss if we did not use this opportunity to briefly express concerns and request for revisions to other portions of the student loan regulations. These include: Limits on Student Direct Stafford Subsidized Loan Eligibility AACS opposes the Department's interpretation of the recently enacted 150% cap on federal student loan eligibility. We believe that the Department's determination that students who withdraw from a long program and attempt to reenter into a shorter program forfeit their right to subsidized loans is unfair and inconsistent with the clear intent of the law.

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Beauty Link - Volume 5, Issue 4