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MANLINK BY BEAUTYLINK STAFF I encourage hairstylists to always look at their clients before they put on a cape. There is a big difference between the Barney’s buyer and the Wal-Mart buyer. Be an Expert on Clients’ Concerns WELCOME TO MANLINK , a BeautyLink column that covers the rapidly growing male grooming industry. We couldn’t think of a better authority to kick off the inaugural ManLink column than Diana Schmidtke, a male groomer whose client list boasts several of Hollywood’s leading men. Although she’s been a male groomer for 15 years, Diana says her career continues to provide new opportunities, including her first on-location movie work. Diana recently worked on A Million Ways to Die in the West, a spoof of old Westerns starring Charlize Theron, Seth McFarlane, Neil Patrick Harris and Liam Neeson. truly a pioneer. No one understood what I was talking about. Now, the term is universal. Some salons and manufacturers, such as American Crew, were early entrants in the field. More recently, men’s skincare has become more of a focus, especially when it comes to protecting against skin cancer. The surge in shaving shops is also increasingly bringing barbering into the beauty salon. BeautyLink: What are some key differences between how men and women relate to their hairstylist or groomer? Diana: Men need to be educated about products understand men’s hair, makeup and skin concerns. Of course, hair is most important since most men don’t wear makeup, but being able to serve as an authority on hair and skin—including shoulders, neck, and back—will set you apart from other professionals. because they didn’t grow up thinking about what shampoo was best for their hair, or why it is important to always wear sunscreen. They love to receive information about products, how to use them and why they work. Men also tend to be more loyal than women. You can introduce a man to a product or service and he will use it consistently, whereas women typically like to experiment and try new beauty products. BeautyLink: How has the male grooming industry changed since your career began? BeautyLink: How do men differ when it comes to grooming services? Diana: I worked in a salon for 15 years, and when Diana: Men’s grooming concerns tend to change I started defining myself as a male groomer, I was based on their age. A married guy who is a 40-year union member is going to have different appearance concerns than the man who is divorced after 12 years and re-entering the dating scene or the 20-something who has grown up knowing that he needs to look good to get the job and the girl. I encourage hairstylists to always look at their clients before they put on a cape. There is a big difference between the Barney’s buyer and the Wal-Mart buyer. A client’s style of dress will provide insight into the professional’s grooming boundaries. The preservice consultation is the easiest way to determine boundaries with a new client. BeautyLink: How does a male groomer differ from a men’s hairstylist? Diana: It’s really important that a male groomer BeautyLink: What advice would you offer to beauty school students? Diana: Be patient! It takes time and lots of work to be a success. Commit to continual learning. I’m obsessive about watching videos and reading about new treatments. As a professional, it’s my responsibility to be an expert on my clients’ concerns, whether it’s surgical or prescription solutions for thinning hair. Don’t be tempted by shortcuts. It’s important to look at all the career options available. The great thing about art is that there is no right or wrong way to practice your craft, but it takes time. I tell people, “If I can do it, you can do it.” 18 | B E A U T Y L I NK | C AN YOU HEAR ME NOW? | 2013

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