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A STUDENT’S PERSPECTIVE Capri College offered a twoweek trial of classes. I was scared to “step down” from being Dr. Jennifer Reekers, but after talking with friends and my amazingly supportive husband, I decided to take a leap of faith. Jennifer Reekers, 31 Capri College, Cedar Rapids, IA Student: Jennifer Reekers School: Capri College Enrolled Since: October 22, 2012 Study Area: Cosmetology Hobbies: Playing board games, and hanging out with family, friends and three cats. Travel. Making Halloween costumes and decorating her home for an annual Halloween bash. Shopping, especially for shoes, scarves and accessories. WHEN IT COMES to being an effective communicator, Jennifer Reekers, 31, brings doctoral credentials to the cosmetology classroom. Prior to enrolling at Capri College in Cedar Rapids, Jennifer earned a bachelor’s degree in speech, language and hearing science from Minnesota State University and a master’s and doctorate of audiology from the University of Iowa. As a clinical audiologist, Jennfer worked with children and adults afflicted with hearing difficulties. Below, this master communicator remarks on effective communications in both environments and her transition from clinical practice to the student salon/floor. BeautyLink: When communicating with clients, what are some similarities and differences between your clinical and cosmetology experience? JR: In both careers, you must focus solely on the client in front of you, and you must be comfortable talking with people. The client consultation is important in the clinic and in the salon chair. It’s the clinician’s and the hairstylist’s job to build rapport by asking openended questions and then provide counsel. BeautyLink: What prompted you to change careers? Does your school have a student you’d like us to interview for a future “A Student’s Perspective” in BeautyLink? Write to us at 48 JR: I’ve wanted to be a hairstylist since age 18, but I felt obligated to take the college route. After graduating, I worked in a private practice where I realized that the medical world would never be able to fulfill my desire to truly get to know my clients or express my creativity. I realized that I wanted a profession where I could help others feel good by working directly with people, spend quality time with my clients and build rapport in a profession that values individuality. Capri College offered a two-week trial of classes. I was scared to “step down” from being Dr. Jennifer Reekers, but after talking with friends and my amazingly supportive husband, I decided to take a leap of faith. BeautyLink: How did your friends/family react to your decision to change careers? JR: I assumed people would think I was crazy, so I only told my immediate circle at first. The reactions | B E A U T Y L I NK | C AN YO U HEAR ME NOW? | 2013 were surprisingly supportive. The first thing my mom said was, “I always saw you doing hair,” and that was the common response from people who have known me throughout my life. I’ve met many women in amazing careers who confessed they wish they’d become hairstylists. An anesthesiologist told me that if she could do it all over, she’d love to go back and do hair. BeautyLink: What has surprised you about beauty school? JR: I was in my 30s with a previous career so I assumed I would fully understand all of the material and magically be the most amazing hairstylist as soon as I hit the student salon floor. Not the case! I had to let go of the inner pressure and focus on working at my own level. In audiology, there’s a universal protocol for every procedure, but hairstyling encourages numerous methods to achieve the same outcome. Ask three instructors how to achieve XYZ and you will receive three different answers! It took several months for me to start enjoying my creative freedom. BeautyLink: What career goals are you considering? JR: I would love to be a representative for a crueltyfree company and promote product lines that are not tested on animals. I would also like to use the beauty industry to boost the self-esteem of young girls. I had a great experience as a camp counselor at cosmetology school, teaching girls to care for their hair, skin and bodies while discussing self-esteem and bullying. I can also see myself working in a salon and becoming a cosmetology school instructor someday. It will be amazing if I can make it all come true! 

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Beauty Link - Volume 5, Issue 4