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Staying in the Industry SKIN CARE COUNCIL Five characteristics that define graduates with staying power instructors and even school administrators, we are always focused on outcomes. After all, outcomes are what drive our businesses. Even as the economy recovers from the Great Recession, we must realize that times have changed and most of us have very limited marketing budgets. We need to work more efficiently with the dollars we have available to promote our schools. When it comes to efficiency, our students are the best marketing tools that we have. If they succeed, we will continue to be successful! It is important for all of us to take note of how long graduates are remaining in the field. While we have not conducted extensive research on career longevity, we have noticed that most estheticians are still working in the industry five years after earning their license. What characteristics define those graduates who stay in the industry? Perhaps the most obvious is a focus on the clients they serve. Following are some common attitudes that these professionals carry towards their clients. AS SCHOOL OWNERS, Quality education is steeped in all of the minute details. Quality education includes teaching students to set goals. It also includes client care and a range of soft skills that will serve students when they enter the industry and throughout their career. They treat their clients as clients and not as friends. While they are friendly, professionalism defines their demeanor. They act as authorities in the treatment room to demonstrate their professionalism and knowledge. They make the decisions when it comes to their client’s skin care regime. The guiding consideration in their treatment decisions is, what will best serve the guest. Professionals educate their clients about skin care. Because few clients can retain a personal esthetician, it is important that skin care professionals be able to share with clients how to “handle with care” their skin when they are at home and away from the expertise of the salon or spa. BY NATALIE PARKIN AND LEANNE VELONA These estheticians invest quality time with their clients. They resist overbooking, and they charge appropriately so that they can take the time they need to consult with and serve each client appropriately. They do not discount their value and expertise. They are continual learners. These graduates-turned-professionals approached esthetics as a career choice from the beginning of their educational experience. They understood the importance of business and customer service while still in the classroom. As professionals, they continue to develop their knowledge long after their basic education is complete. They always look and behave professionally. It doesn’t matter where we see these graduates; they always look put together and are always networking, even at a grocery store! If schools do not focus on cultivating our students as successful professional estheticians, we fail to deliver on our promise. That is one important reason why education does not stop at passing the state boards. Quality education is steeped in all of the minute details. Quality education includes teaching students to set goals. It also includes client care and a range of soft skills that will serve students when they enter the industry and throughout their career. Teaching future professionals is an awesome responsibility. These students will be working with our parents, sisters and soon our daughters. Making sure that there are quality trained professionals to bring our industry forward in a new era of wellness is an honor and a privilege. When asked what we do, a fair answer is that we change lives each and every day. Natalie Parkin has owned Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare since 2005. Skinworks was established in 1995 as a standalone esthetics school located in Salt Lake City, UT. LeAnne Velona has been a certified licensed esthetician for more than 18 years and a massage practitioner for eight years. LeAnne has worked as a practicing esthetician and massage therapist at world renowned California spas and resorts, practicing, managing and training staff. She has also served as an international educator, training at five-star resorts around the world. Now the director of Esthetics, Massage and Laser programs with Marinello Schools of Beauty, LeAnne writes advanced curriculum for educators to train future professionals. B E AUT YL I NK | C A N Y O U H E A R M E N O W? | 2 0 1 3 | 51

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