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AACS LISTSERVE Q&A ONE OF OUR most popular member benefits, the AACS Listserve, is done completely by email allowing members to easily connect with other members from around the country. Here is an example of one of the recent questions posted along with a few of the responses. If you are not on the list and would like to be added, please contact Chris at 800.831.1086, ext. 100. Q: DO YOU ALLOW CELL PHONES IN THE CLASSROOM? A: We don’t allow them in classroom, or clinic floor ever. They are only allowed in lockers and on silent. They may only check their phones on breaks and at lunch. — Renee Barone, Barone Beauty Academy (Sunbury, PA) A: A good activity we have had success with was asking all students to take out phones during theory class and posting our monthly specials for the student salon to their Facebook page and asking their friends to take advantage of specials. Seems to be a reality we need to adapt to and embrace. May as well try to use in a positive way. — Chris Fiegen, Capri College (Cedar Rapids, IA) A: A: A: A: Students are not allowed to have cell phone calls and must put them on vibrate. We do not allow the use of cell phones during class hours. Students will ask permission if an emergency.  — Margaret Vandetti, Cozmo The School (Bonita Springs, FL) No phone calls or texting during theory or while doing a client. Clock out and go to break room for phone calls. Please use it to take pictures, Google educational info and utilize the calculator. Is there abuse? Of course, just like every other rule that’s made. Our job is to learn to monitor it and keep it in check. It’s part of today’s life and in this changing industry we can learn to use it as a tool that profits us. — Connie Maldonado, DuVall’s School of Cosmetology (Bedford, TX) A: Cell phones are not allowed in school for school hours. Students can use them at break and lunch only. — Lynne Cianicullo, Cutting Edge Academy (Succasunna, NJ) Are CEA members using cell phones in the classroom? 35% 34% 31% YES NO Not yet…but I’m considering it! *Data collected at the CEA Annual Convention, July 2013 52 | B E A U T Y L I NK | C AN YOU HEAR ME NOW? | 2013 Cell phones are permitted in specific areas and times. Outside of those areas and times, a student merely needs to ask permission. It is very seldom that a student asks to use their cell phone and is refused, because they know what the answer is before they ask. — Frank Trieu, Evergreen Beauty College (Bellevue, WA) I have learned to pick my battles and that one battle is one that will never be won, so we are learning to use it to our advantage. — Kelly Ball, New Beginning College of Cosmetology (Albertville, AL) A: We originally slammed the door on cells by requiring they be locked in lockers. But no joke, students would start to become agitated, more jumpy—actually go through minor symptoms of withdrawal, which disrupted the class even more. In the end, our students have a very different relationship with their phones then we do. It’s more than just a device to call—it’s their lifeline to the world around them. It’s their clock, their calculator and their security blanket. It’s how they can actually focus, so now cell phones are regularly integrated into our curriculum. — Charles Riser, Jr., The Temple: A Paul Mitchell Partner School (Frederick, MD)

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message from the aacs president and cea co-chairs
the workings of washington
Rejuvenate Your Passion for Business
The AACS Affi nity Program
Mobilizing Your Business Is a Thing of Beauty
Open Door Leaders
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Motivating Your Students
Use Your Resources
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Taking Out the Mystery
beauty changes lives
Beauty School Insurance
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aacs listserve q & a
Beyond 2014
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Work Smart
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Celebrate the Power of Being an Educator
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upcoming 2013-14 events
In Memory
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Beauty Link - Volume 5, Issue 4