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VOICES FROM THE CLASSROOM I teach the students to market themselves with themselves! I teach them the importance of their self image in our industry. Q. What one tool do you encourage your students to use to market themselves? Mary Stokus M Marilyn S Sharp L Lauren S. H Hollier T Thompson Social Media has become a must in marketing yourself and your business today. I always encourage students to promote their business and services on Facebook, with emphasis on keeping it professional—teaching students to create a professional Facebook page used only for their business. Offer specials, testimonials and photos of their work to generate new clients. With a free tool such as this, it enables them to build a successful business faster! Be Besides the old standard ways, bu business cards, etc., I tell my stude dents to market their appearance. W When they have professional, welldo done color, cuts that look amazing, aw awesome makeup and an overall gr great appearance, people will flo flock to them to ask, “Who does yo your hair?” At that point you say, “Thanks, I am a hairstylist and I “T w would love to give you a great new lo look.” The conversation will bloom fr from there! I teach the students to market themselves with themselves! I th teach them the importance of te th their self image in our industry. Th They will market themselves bette ter than any billboard, business ca card or flier. On top of maintaining a fashion forward hairstyle, I in ex express the importance of always lo looking professional from their m makeup to their clean smocks. Mary Stokus Director of Education Tammy Taylor Nails 2001 Deere Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705 800-938-2669 ext. 221 Fax: 352-458-4558 education@ 58 | B E A U T Y L I NK | C AN YO U HEAR ME NOW? | 2013 Marilyn Sharp M Owner Ow Merrell University M 1101-R Southwest Blvd. 11 Jefferson City, MO 65109 Je 573-635-4433 57 Fax: 573-636-6117 Fa w Lauren S. Hollier Thompson La Kenneth Shuler School Ke of Cosmetology 7474 Garners Ferry Road 74 Columbia, SC 29209 Co 803-776-9100 80 ls

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message from the aacs president and cea co-chairs
the workings of washington
Rejuvenate Your Passion for Business
The AACS Affi nity Program
Mobilizing Your Business Is a Thing of Beauty
Open Door Leaders
and then there’s compliance
Motivating Your Students
Use Your Resources
step by step
Taking Out the Mystery
beauty changes lives
Beauty School Insurance
a student’s perspective
skin care council
aacs listserve q & a
Beyond 2014
voices from the classroom
Work Smart
superstar graduates
Celebrate the Power of Being an Educator
people & places
new products & services
associate member profiles: salons
new school members
upcoming 2013-14 events
In Memory
index to advertisers

Beauty Link - Volume 5, Issue 4