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SUPERSTAR GRADUATES BY BEAUTYLINK STAFF There are many paths to a successful career in the beauty industry, and it’s never too late to start. What do you want to be when you grow up? career choice is often not the career they stick with for life. AACS recently contributed to a news story on career changers and asked member schools to share stories of alumni who previously worked in non-beauty careers. The response was overwhelming. Member schools’ alumni include former teachers, nurses, clinical researchers, attorneys and more. Here are a few superstar grads who previously worked in other careers. AN INDIVIDUAL’S FIRST Beau Preston, ARROJO Cosmetology A School, New York City S A few short years ago, Beau’s days were spent B reviewing contracts as a r c corporate attorney for an a actuarial and consulting f firm located near Seattle. Today, you might fi d B T d i ht find Beau mixing just the right color as a color apprentice at ARROJO Studio in New York City. Beau’s dream career came to life when his partner accepted a job with a New York firm. It seemed like a perfect time to heed a wake-up call. “The more unhappy I’d become practicing law, the more I began thinking about what really made me happy. “I’d always enjoyed doing hair, but it just didn’t come to mind as a career option,” said Beau. He used his move to New York City as a reason to rethink his career. The fact that New York does not share reciprocity with Washington meant he would have to retake the bar exam in order to practice law in the state and Beau could think of things he’d rather study—like hair! He was intrigued by ARROJO’s part-time program, began his studies in October 2011 and began working as a color apprentice in December 2012. Asked about any similarities between law and beauty, Beau said that both professions share one common requirement —the ability to communicate well with diverse clients. Do you know a superstar graduate? Send a brief bio along with the graduate’s contact information to editor@ Your superstar could be featured in the next issue of BeautyLink! 62 | B E A U T Y L I NK | C AN YO U HEAR ME NOW? | 2013 J Joanna Pantazes, Loraines Academy, St. Petersburg, Fla. S T The wife and daughter of t two physicians, Joanna foll lowed the family business and worked in clinical research at the Center for Disease Control, studying the role of nutrition in preventing neural tube defects in infants. But the science Joanna was most interested in related to skincare, and she enrolled at Loraines Academy in 2005. After earning her license, she opened Salon Tru and has since hired some of her alma mater’s graduates. Salon Tru has become one of the area’s most respected spas and more importantly, Joanna loves blending her interest in science with her passion for beauty and entrepreneurship. A Alvina Chulanon, Pivot Point, Chicago A Alvina is the personificat tion of busy. A wife and m mom of two, she works in s statistics for the federal g government while enrolled a as a student at Pivot Point. A Alvina writes a weekly bl for Pivot Point h blog f Pi t P i t chronicling her experiences as a beauty school student, including her recent trip to the NAHA awards. As the winner of Pivot Point’s 2012 Anything But Hair contest, Alvina was awarded full tuition to continue her studies. She competed at Premiere Orlando where she received a Beacon Honorable Mention.  J Jill Stetson, Universal Spa Training Academy, S Downers Grove, Ill. A After 25 years in the corp porate sector ser v ing in product distribution, i managed care/insurance m and healthcare, Jill left a a business development director position to pursue her passion in skindi t iti t care. The move wasn’t hasty—she had spent six years exploring the wellness and skincare world. When her father passed away, Jill felt compelled to pursue her dream. In April of 2013, Jill opened SkinTrust, a company specializing in youthful skin treatments. She considers it a dream career come true. As the stories above indicate, there are many paths to a successful career in the beauty industry, and it’s never too late to start.

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