News & Views - Edition 1, 2007 - (Page Cover1)

Edition 1, 007 Kosher Food Processing IT’S UNCANNY! What You Focus On is What You CREATE! Sign Me Up Next Year! Expo 2008 Hit The Ground Running Ag Science Center T h e Vo i c e a n d A d v o c a t e f o r t h e C a l i f o r n i a Fo o d Pr o c e s s i n g I n d u s t r y

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of News & Views - Edition 1, 2007

Recap 2007 Expo & Showcase of Processed Foods
Kosher Food Processing...It's Uncanny!
What you Focus On is What You Create! The Unstoppable Vision Keys
Hit the Ground Running
Government Affairs
Legislative Report
The Growing U.S. Trade Deficit in Fruits and Vegetables
California State Energy Outlook
FDA News
New Affiliate Members
Success at the Supplier Host Council Silent Auction Continues
Regulatory Affairs Update
Governor Schwarzenegger Announces Appointment
2007 Expo Snapshots
Calendar of Events

News & Views - Edition 1, 2007