News & Views - Edition 2, 2008 - (Page Cover1)

Edition 2, 2008 SMOG CHECK CLFP STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED NEW FOOD SCIENCE Laboratory at the RMI T H E V O I C E A N D A D V O C AT E F O R T H E C A L I F O R N I A F O O D PCaliforniaS I N G I of D U S T R Y R O C E S League N Food Processors 1

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of News & Views - Edition 2, 2008

Authenticity - A Fast Way to Connect
CLFP Expo & Showcase of Processed Foods: Industry Events & Sessions
Smog Check
Board of Directors Meeting
New Food Science Laboratory at the RMI
California League of Food Processors Student Scholarship Awarded
T. Jeffery Boese Memorial Scholarship
Legislative Report
Regulatory Report
2008 Supplier Host Council Golf Tournament
New Affiliate Members

News & Views - Edition 2, 2008