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CMSA Mentoring Matters Mentoring Tools for Case Management: Navigating the Information Technology Highway T he 2013 Annual CMSA Conference in New Orleans in July was a wonderful experience to meet old friends, network and form relationships, and discover new information. For me it was all of these things; however, what especially caught my attention was the exposure to some technology tools and applications, a valuable resource for me as I work in improving our mentorship programs to support new and younger case managers. Our “tool box” of resources continually needs to be assessed, improved, and added upon to keep up with new skills, competencies, patient educational materials, and our role as patient advocates. The technological side of case management is growing, and our ability to research and gather resources on education is important from “Day 1” as a case manager. Information technology skills are also becoming increasingly critical to the future of the case management role. How can we better learn to mentor others, if we ourselves do not know how to engage with information technology (IT)? I have to admit – I was faced with a question of my own IT competency as I reviewed a CMSA poster presentation about the use of iPads, made “easy and understandable,” presented by Kimberly (Kim) Gully, MS, CCC, CCM, CBIST. In her presentation, Kim shared education on the availability of many low cost and/ or free program applications that are available to download on an iPad. Many people are reluctant to use the iPad because they are unsure where to start, and I realized I may be one of those people. Here was some help! As well as being engaged in what was in front of me, I realized that Kim BY WENDY DEVREUGD, RN, BSN, PHN, FNP, CCDS, MBA Kimberly Gully, MS, CCC, CCM, CBIST and I had worked together previously through email when I assisted her with a mentoring article for the California Speech & Hearing Association. We had never met face-to-face... and here we were! Old friends, new relationships, new information, mentoring one another – what a quality experience at CMSA! According to Kim, the iPad has become a very popular device and can be better utilized in health care environments as patients and families look to case managers for recommendations on appropriate applications to use with their loved ones for educational purposes. However, we must first mentor ourselves – and our case managers – in mastering the “basics” of the iPad to get started. As Kim teaches, using the iPad to educate patients is PRACTICAL, and applications are available to help educate and manage care in a wide variety of medical conditions and lifestyle changes. Along with the guidance of a health care Kimberly Gully, MS, CCC, CCM, CBIST Issue 6 • 2013 • DIGITAL CMSA TODAY 25

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CMSA Today - Issue 6, 2013