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Caseload Management The Journey to Caseload Management Systematic Ways to Examine Work, Identify Challenges, and Support Staffing Needs BY LAURA OSTROWSKY, RN, CCM, MUP T he search to find the perfect case load calculator for case management seems to be never-ending. The solution we seek is a formula: plug in the variables and, abracadabra, you know exactly how many cases a case manager can handle. The formula could be used for staffing, budgeting, scheduling, or contingency planning. As Eliza Doolittle stated, "Now wouldn't that be loverly." Before you can begin to create a caseload calculator, you need to identify what it is 12 CMSA TODAY Issue 8 * 2015 you do and what you want to measure. Case managers have many different jobs, and case management departments have different responsibilities. Some tasks are easier to quantify. I cannot provide you with a formula, but I can provide a construct or framework for collecting information, reviewing your data, and identifying and justifying staffing needs. THE MSKCC WAY At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), the case management department is responsible for utilization review and management as well as discharge planning. Reviewing cases to justify admission and continued stay is easier to measure than the discharge planning process. To arrive at a method for identifying adequate staff needed to perform reviews, we collect the following metrics: * Reviews requested * Reviews completed (within deadline) * Reviews not completed * Number of days reviewed

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The Advantages of an Aging Workforce
The Journey to Caseload Management
Featured Resource: Need More Resources on Caseloads?
Attracting and Engaging Tomorrow’s Workforce
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CMSA Today - Issue 8, 2015