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Statistics Certification by the Numbers CMSA Statistics on Certification, Barriers, and Successes CoMPiLED BY CMSA TODAY EDiToRS C MSA conducted its fifth annual State of the Industry Survey in October 2013 that assessed the state of the case management industry. The survey covered general and practice-based demographics, building a 21st century case management workforce, and - most importantly for this issue - certification. Specific barriers and outcomes of certification to individual case managers were considered, as well as organizational requirements and reimbursement for employees. View the findings below, and visit to learn more! â–  oRgAniZAtion ACCREditAtion 41% of respondents said their organization is Joint Commission Accredited, while 9% weren't sure. 37% of respondents said their organization is not NCQA accredited, and 29% weren't sure. 27% of respondents said their organization is URAC accredited, while 33% said they weren't sure. CERtiFiCAtion And tHE WoRKPlACE is certification required by your employer? Not required, but encouraged 33% does your employer fund any part of your certification application and/or exam preparation costs? N/A 6% Yes 33% No 45% Yes 49% No 34% does your employer pay or otherwise compensate you for maintenance of your certification (cost of CEs and renewal fees)? Partially 16% N/A 4% Who generally pays for your continuing education? Company pays for my CEs 14% Yes 31% No 50% Some combination of personal and employer payment 36% I pay for my own CEs 50% BARRiERS to CERtiFiCAtion the top five answers for barriers to obtaining case management certification: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Application fees Finding appropriate study resources Determining which certification is right for me Meeting certification qualifications Passing the exam the top seven barriers to maintaining case management certification: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. CE costs to maintain it Renewal fees Identifying the necessary CEs to maintain it Keeping track of completed CEs for recertification Lack of recognition/support from employers Certification has not helped me advance in my career Remembering the requirements to maintain it once certified CERtiFiCAtion And inCoME/ExPEndituRE Yes, certification made a difference in: 50% 48% Obtaining your position Gaining advancement in your career 57% 38% Which of the following best describes the total portion of your personal annual budget allotted for continuing education? More than $2000 $1001-$2000 4% 8% $0 50% Up to $100 $501-$1000 14% 11% $251-$500 30% Maintaining your position Impacting your salary $101-$250 24% 89% of respondents plan to renew their certification when it expires. Issue 2 * 2015 CMSA TODAY 21

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CMSA Today - Issue 2, 2015