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Family-Centered Care The Ever-Changing Concept of Patient-Centered Care The Role and Importance of the Family in Case Management BY ELIZABETH J. CLARK, PhD, MSW, MPH T rends in health care repeat themselves so frequently that they more accurately could be called "retrends." Often they are simply a repackaging of old ideas and methods (remember TQM and CQI?), or they are discovered by a new group that believes it has found an innovative way to offer care. Patient-centered care is one of these trends. Despite the fact that case managers-both nurses and social workers-have always made their care patient- (or client-) centered, the concept has gained new prominence as groups 14 CMSA TODAY Issue 2 * 2016 such as health care institutions, businesses, public relations departments, and legislators have discovered it and found it useful. What may be lacking is an understanding of what the concept actually means. This can result in confusion, superficial efforts, and lip service instead of good care. A frequently cited definition of patientcentered comes from the Institute of Medicine: Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all decisions.1 This definition is consistent with the guiding principles for case managers, which include using a clientcentered, collaborative partnership approach that is based on the needs and values of the client.2 In addition to the concept of patientcentered care, the role of the family in health care outcomes is finally gaining recognition. In some cases, this has resulted in patientcentered care being rebranded as familycentered care. This has also rekindled the

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