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Public Policy CMSA Public Policy Committee Working in Collaboration with Local Chapters to Educate, Guide, and Support Public Policy Engagement and Advocacy BY PATRICIA NOONAN, RN, MBA, CCM, VICE CHAIRMAN, CMSA PUBLIC POLICY COMMITTEE T he role and responsibility of CMSA’s Public Policy Committee (PPC) includes serving as an informational and educational resource for health policy issues related to our professional practice of case management (CM). The PPC strives to educate our policymakers so that they understand the critical role case managers play in health care delivery, as well as to guide, support, and enhance the CMSA chapters’ ability to educate and mobilize their members in the public policy arena. CMSA’s PPC has three main objectives: promoting the Case Management Model Act (Case Management Society of America), obtaining a Case Management Week Resolution to raise the visibility of case managers and the value they add to health care delivery, and continuing the effort of providing education and support through our Task Force for Multi-State Licensure (MSL). In this column we highlight the activity of the Case Management Society of New England (CMSNE), which celebrates its 25th year as a professional organization. The membership originated in May 1988 as the New England Association of Nurse Case Managers, later changing its name to the New England Association of Case Managers. On May 16, 1994, they were incorporated into CMSA National. The Chapter includes more than 750 members from Massachusetts, Maine, 8 CMSA TODAY New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. At the 2012 CMSA Conference in San Francisco, CMSNE received the Award of Excellence for Public Policy and Advocacy. The Chapter’s PPC, with full board support, has held multiple poster educational sessions and electronic letter writing campaigns on the importance of the Model Act and MSL. On site computers in its conference exhibit area were available for members to personalize prepared letters for their state legislators, as well as posters to teach the importance of being politically active, which allowed members to get active in real time! After this exercise, members received favorable responses from their legislators thanking them for the information, and learned how easy it is to be politically active. The Chapter website ( keeps members alerted to activities when call to action is needed. Issue 3 • 2013 • DIGITAL On site computers and posters are used by CMSNE’s Public Policy Committee at its conference exhibit area to encourage members to be politically active. During CM Week, the PPC helped to obtain proclamations from four state governors (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) and a letter of recognition from the governor of Maine. These were read at the educational events, and a copy was given to each case manager to bring to their workplace. The CMSNE Chapter has been actively working in Massachusetts to provide education and testimony at the Massachusetts State House of

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