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Medical Advancement & Technology Clinical Trials Promoting Coverage through Technology and Care Management Interventions BY JULIE O'BRIEN, BSN, RN, MS, and COURTNEY HUDSON T he Affordable Care Act (ACA) implemented dramatic changes to our health care system by expanding coverage to more Americans and creating a host of new mandates for health plans, including clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies that involve individuals seeking new treatment options when existing interventions have not been effective. Many treatments today are the results of past clinical trials. Basically, clinical trials are performed to determine if new treatments and procedures, new drugs and combinations of drugs, or new devices are clinically safe and effective 16 CMSA TODAY and should be used as a standard of care for future patients. Clinical trials are typically divided into four phases of review: from initial research (Phase I), to treatments on a limited Issue 3 * 2015 * DIGITAL population (Phase II), to large treatment populations (Phase III), to research after FDA marketing approval (Phase IV). Throughout the process, clinical trial researchers continue to monitor the safety, efficacy, and effectiveness of care. As the result of the ACA, care management organizations now actively help patients find a clinical trial as part of their care coordination efforts. Technology applications also play

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PRESIDENT’S LETTER: Technology Is Here to Stay
Improved Collection and Access
Clinical Trials
Applications as Credible Tools

CMSA Today - Issue 3, 2015