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Behavioral Health Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Systems The Role of Case Management BY KATHERINE HOBBS, MD I n September 2012, I began practicing child and adolescent psychiatry at a community health center in Boston, Massachusetts. During the previous decade, the health center had employed child and adolescent psychiatrists for short periods of time, but resources were not available to create a sustainable and cohesive system. In general, the pediatricians felt overwhelmed by the effects of community violence and substance abuse that severely affected the children in their primary care practices. Pediatricians were expected to manage their patients' behavioral health conditions, but they had neither the training nor the time to appropriately invest. We recognized that by traditional referral and consultation methods - where a pediatrician would refer any child with a behavioral health condition to a psychiatrist for long-term treatment - my schedule would be full in a short period. Then families would be left with the Issue 5 * 2014 * DIGITAL CMSA TODAY 27

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CMSA Today - Issue 5, 2014