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President's Letter Care Transition and Case Management Are Synonymous BY KATHLEEN FRASER, RN-BC, MSN, MHA, CCM, CCRN A s I begin my two-year term as your CMSA president, I look forward to assisting the case management professional in facing all of the challenges in our ever-changing health care system. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has and will continue to impact the delivery of health care, and case managers are at the forefront of this change. In addressing this impact, CMSA continues to be active in public policy on both the national and chapter levels, always remembering that from little things, big things come. We are the pioneers of health care change - key initiators of and participants on the health care team who open new areas 6 CMSA TODAY of thought in research and development. We consider all aspects of the patient's recovery such as family supporters, home life, and work life, guiding a more holistic method of care. This issue of CMSA Today is dedicated to Community-Based Care Transition Program (CCTP). "The Community Based Care Transitions Program," created by Section 3026 of the ACA, tests models for improving care transitions from the hospital to other settings and reducing readmissions for high-risk Medicare beneficiaries. The goals of the CCTP are to improve transitions of beneficiaries from the inpatient hospital setting to other care settings, to improve quality of care, to Issue 5 * 2014 * DIGITAL reduce readmissions for high-risk beneficiaries, and to document measurable savings to the Medicare program. Case managers need to be a critical component of these systems throughout the continuum. The pillars of effective case management are coordination of care, managing multi-disciplinary teams, and achieving better transitions of care. We provide expertise and clarity to complex medical issues, including identifying obstacles to delivery of quality, facilitating prompt quality health care treatment, and coordinating resources. Community-based organizations (CBOs) will use these care transition services to effectively manage Medicare patients' transitions

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CMSA Today - Issue 5, 2014