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Public Policy Blazing Trails Together Case Managers Transforming Health Care as Public Policy Champions BY PATRICIA NOONAN, RN, MBA, CCM, and CHRISS WHEELER, RN, MSN, CCM C ase managers have been blazing trails to advance quality health care in America since the late 1800s. What will the future hold for case managers? As the Affordable Care Act continues to reform our health care system with the growth of accountable care organizations, patient-centered medical home models, restructuring of payment systems, and aging in place, case managers should remain at the center of this redesign. As this epic transformation continues, all case managers will need to become champions in the public policy arena as leaders and pioneers of health care change. Case managers ensure quality care and cost efficiency across the health care continuum. In fact, case managers are recognized as an essential member of the health care team advancing the national quality forum goals: better health, better care, lower costs of the population. Case managers as transformational leaders have the ability to impact policy change by modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act and encouraging the heart. A transformational leader influences change in individuals and social systems. Our profession is uniquely positioned to influence health policy as vital participants in the health care team driving quality care and outcomes across America. Raising awareness among our legislators regarding the essential role case managers play in our health care system is key to advancing as well as safeguarding our professional practice. Our history is rich with pioneers who have blazed trails to influence health policy before us. As transformational 12 CMSA TODAY leaders, case managers continue to blaze trails as public policy champions. What does the future hold for case managers? The future looks bright and holds much promise as we continue to engage, mentor, and lead others in the public policy arena. Case managers can become public policy champions by getting involved and supporting CMSA's public policy initiatives, call to action campaigns, outreach to legislators, participating in the Hill Day event, joining your professional organization, and being involved in your local chapter public policy activities. Let's blaze those trails together and make a difference for the health care consumer and our profession. â–  Issue 5 * 2015 * DIGITAL REFERENCES * C ase Management Society of America. CMSA Standards of Practice, 2010. Available at standardsofpractice. * Kouzes, J., Posner, B. The Leadership Challenge. 2007. Available at https://baldreformer.wordpress. com/2010/03/22/the-leadership-challenge-jameskouzes-and-barry-posner-2007-revised. * Kruse, K. What is Leadership. April 9, 2013. Retrieved February 12, 2015, from sites/kevinkruse/2013/04/09/what-is-leadership. * National Quality Strategy available at workingforquality. * Sherman, R. Am. What Followers Want in Their Nurse Leaders . Nurses Today, 2012. Available at www. * T ransformational Leadership. Available at * Unknown. (n.d.). Define Leadership. Retrieved February 12, 2015, from Google Search: rd=ssl#q=define+leadership. https://www.baldreformer.wordpress

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Blazing Trails Together
Public Policy On-the-Go
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CMSA Today - Issue 5, 2015