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CMSA Resources Patient Adherence Improving Medication and Treatment Adherence, and Pain Management with Your Patients BY CMSA TODAY STAFF W hat tools are you using to assist your patients in improving their wellness? Do you have the tools you need to help your clients who have chronic conditions to manage their pain? CMSA is invested in setting the standard by which case managers can advance assistance, coaching, and monitoring efforts, ultimately improving care delivery and patient outcomes. Our resource, the Case Management Adherence Guide (CMAG), is another important tool to add to your ever-growing toolbox. Designed to aid case managers in the assessment, planning, facilitation, and advocacy of patient adherence, CMAG provides an Medical director with a vested interest in improving nonadherence for better clinical and financial outcomes. Managed care medical or case management director looking for an effective, customizable onboarding tool for your organization. Case manager in MCO setting in search of a broad guide for case managers in all settings to enhance improvement of medication/treatment adherence. IS ThIS TOOl RIGhT FOR YOU? Consider this tool for you or your staff if you are a... Case manager in specific disease-state process management in need of a resource for improved accountability in patient outcomes. 18 CMSA TODAY interaction and management algorithm to assess and improve the patient's knowledge as well as his/her motivation to take medications as they are prescribed. The patient's individual needs are also taken into account, providing you flexibility. CMAG's evidence-based assessment tools recommend the strategy of motivational interviewing to assist you in more effectively addressing adherence with patients. Disease-specific chapters, such as CMAG Pain, also exist as additional downloads for a greater understanding of how to apply the CMAG principals to specific disease states and patient populations. â–  Issue 1 * 2016 * DIGITAL Case manager in health care setting looking to enhance key skills in improving medication and treatment adherence among patients. A new case manager building arsenal of tools and needing to enhance necessary skills in nursing or case management programs. ACCESS ThIS RESOURCE TOdAY! To learn more, download a CMAG preview, and explore disease-specific chapters, visit

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Community Collaboration
Discharge Planning Regulations
Patient Adherence

CMSA Today - Issue 1, 2016