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PROLOGUE WLAM: LOOKING AT WHAT COULD BE MEGAN ESOPENKO AND MATT PEROTTO THE TWO UNIVERSITY of Toronto students who designed this year’s elegant poster for World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM) set out to challenge us all. “We wanted to inspire and provoke viewers to think about what could be,” wrote co-designers Megan Esopenko and Matt Perotto. “It is time to let go of the current way of thinking about green roofs. Too often, they are an afterthought to development. We think that they should be incorporated into every development as part of the design process...There is a huge potential to make green space from nothing,” they said. Even growing cities like Toronto have an abundance of roof space that is not being utilized. “We see this as an amazing opportunity to create small, private and even public open space,” they said. The poster envisions a FUTURE where all green roofs should be accessible, livable spaces. (Note the small community garden.) “It was important for us to show different options,” they said, “from extensive green roof systems with shallow planting depths which support mainly sedums and grasses, all the way to intensive systems that support deeply planted materials, including trees.” The poster subtly indicates beneficial effects, from reductions in green house gases (note the faint blue bubble around one letter) to storm water management (the water flow arrows on another). In a bit of serendipity, Matt was particularly excited about this year’s green roof theme because he will work this summer as part of the U of T’s GRIT Lab research team, focusing on green roofs. http://grit. In addition to the winning poster, the WLAM Committee awarded two honourable mentions: Diane Relyea (Guelph) and Adam Léger (Guelph). MEGAN ESOPENKO and MATT PEROTTO both hold a Bachelor in Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo (Honors Planning) and are Masters students at the University of Toronto.; UPLIFTING REFLECTING THE INNER SPIRIT When Cam Patterson heads to the CSLA Congress in Regina this July, he will be bringing his Shaman with him. Shaman Study #2 is just one of two paintings Cam will offer for raffle this year, continuing a tradition he launched in 2005. The second work, Lichen Study #3, is a larger-than-life study of a tree branch. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Andre Schwabenbauer Endowment Fund. When LP asked Cam to estimate his cumulative donation over the years, he had no immediate answer. “I had to add up my LACF receipts,” he said, “and I was amazed to discover that my paintings have raised over $10,000 [$10,195.21 to be precise]. Thanks to Ron Middleton for his adept handling of the raffles!” Cam paints often en plein air. He is particularly drawn to trees, and found the Shaman, like many of the subjects of his Boreal Portraits, on a small island just a ten minute rowboat ride away from the University of Saskatchewan’s Kenderdine Art Camp. Cam visited whenever the weather permitted, to be alone with his paints, perhaps deer, and occasionally a bear. There, he studied the Shaman. “I try to capture the essence or personality of each tree. I believe that the outward form of a natural object is a reflection of its inner spirit,” he says. For members of the CSLA who have been touched by Cam’s generosity, the depth of “inner spirit” that informs the art also informs the man. CAMPBELL PATTERSON: BC’S WEB ATLAS LIGHTS UP I think the issue on lighting (LP Winter 2013) is the best LP I’ve ever read, and did make a point of letting Guest Editor Kevin Connery know. I’m looking forward to the next one! ADRIENNE BROWN, BCSLA, Laurel Design Editor’s Note: LP was delighted to learn that the next feature theme of the BCSLA’s Web Atlas will be lighting – a welcome dovetailing of themes across the CSLA/BCSLA media. Adrienne Brown has been responsible for the genesis and growth of the SITELINES Web Atlas since 2004. (See LP, Spring 2013.) vandowntown POWER ON THE PAGES Congratulations on the winter edition of LANDSCAPES| PAYSAGES magazine. It is beautiful, engaging, interesting and very accessible to the non-professional and I love the development of the single theme – very powerful, indeed. JOEL D. ALBIZO, FASAE, CAE, Executive Director, Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards. SUMMER ÉTÉ 2013 11

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Landscapes - Summer 2013