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Feature ELEVATING THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: CUTA'S PASSENGER CHARTER By Chris Fairhall, Business Solutions Planner, GO Transit Mary Proc John Beaudoin "We've tried to make it easy for you to implement by providing you the best practices of a successful launch and customized training modules, but we cannot stress enough that this should not be taken lightly. Customers will challenge your organization and you will have to be prepared to take action. Good luck and your partners at CUTA are always available if you have any questions." Mary Proc, VP Customer Service, GO Transit John Beaudoin, Director of Customer Engagement and Marketing, TransLink 10 THE THEME OF CUTA'S Fall Conference was "Transforming the Customer Experience," so it was very appropriate that opening day saw the launch of CUTA's Passenger Charter model. The Passenger Charter was developed with the help of CUTA's Customer Orientation Task Force (COTF). The task force consists of senior staff from 15 transit agencies, representing every region of Canada, and its purpose is to create a new priority approach to customer orientation within the Canadian transit industry. The Passenger Charter is the first initiative COTF has launched, and the 90-minute workshop at the Fall Conference provided the perfect chance for delegates to learn about the Passenger Charter and how to make it a success. The COTF Passenger Charter workshop was hosted by Barry Stannard, the Manager of the GO Transit Control Centre which monitors all bus and rail operations, coordinates service and delivers up-to-theminute customer communications concerning service status and recovery. He is also a certified trainer who has been working in the transportation industry for 30 years. With his passion, experience and professionalism, Stannard was the perfect facilitator to unveil the Passenger Charter model. Chairs filled quickly as the 9:30 start time approached, and additional chairs were needed to accommodate the large crowd. Organizers were glad to see that the workshop was attended by such a broad cross section of very enthusiastic senior level delegates. The workshop highlighted the importance of customer service, discussed why organizations should adopt a Passenger Charter, unveiled the Passenger Charter model, discussed six steps to consider when launching a Passenger Charter and introduced the toolkit that was developed to help organizations launch their own Passenger Charter. The workshop filled the 90 minutes with F e b r u a r y / M a r c h | f é v r i e r/ m a r s 2 0 14 Barry Stannard, Manager at GO Transit and workshop facilitator, in action hosting the interactive Passenger Charter Workshop. helpful, engaging and interactive content that made launching a Passenger Charter seem easy. WHY DEVELOP A PASSENGER CHARTER? As highlighted in the third theme of the CUTA Vision 2040 - Focusing on Customers, it's all about the customer. One of transit's greatest challenges in recent decades has been to serve travellers who have become more diverse by nature and more discriminating in their choices. Investing in customer service can bring increased ridership. It can save money by reducing complaint handling. Increased attention to customer service boosts employee morale, resulting in better attendance and less time managing grievances. Finally, governments are more likely to fund agencies that have the high public approval that comes with good customer service.

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Message from the President: Customer Service—The Core of Our Business
Message du président : Service à la clientèle—Le coeur de notre activité
Elevating the Customer Experience: CUTA’s Passenger Charter
Rehausser l’expérience client : Charte du passager de l’ACTU
CUTA 2013 Fall Conference in Calgary: Transforming the Customer Experience
Congrès d’automne de l’ACTU 2013 à Calgary : Transformation de l’expérience client
Advocacy File: Ottawa Embraces CUTA as the “Go-To” Organization for Transit
Le dossier de la sensibilisation : Ottawa adopte l’ACTU comme organisation « de référence » en matière de transport collectif
People in Transit
Les gens du transport
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Nouvelles du secteur
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Canadian Transit Forum - February/March 2014 / février/mars 2014