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Advocacy File OTTAWA EMBRACES CUTA AS THE "GO-TO" ORGANIZATION FOR TRANSIT of CUTA's Executive members in a face-toface round table meeting and discussed the government's progress on capital investment for transit. CUTA delegates meet with NDP MPs, Olivia Chow and Hoang Mai. ON MONDAY 28 OCTOBER 2013, representatives of transit systems and manufacturers from across the country, joined forces in Ottawa as the collective voice of the industry. The annual CUTA advocacy event gathers these industry members to deliver important nation-wide policy messages to federal decision makers. The event began with a rallying speech on how to deliver highly effective messages to elected officials. Delegates were reminded that CUTA continues, year after year, to build its reputation as a credible stakeholder amongst parliamentarians. Through its tailored messages and successful navigation of parliament's corridors, CUTA remains successful at opening the right doors. During the three day event, CUTA organized meetings with influential decision makers on the federal scene, including a handful of Cabinet ministers, many federal bureaucrats, political staffers, representatives from likeminded organizations, and members of the media. For instance, CUTA's President and CEO, CUTA's Chair, and CUTA's First ViceChair all met with the Prime Minister's Office, the Privy Council Office (advisors to the Prime Minister), Finance Minister Flaherty's office, and the office of Peter McKay, Justice Minister. The delegation also met with more than 70 MPs and Senators from all parties, including Minister Gary Goodyear, Transport Critic of the Official Opposition Olivia Chow, and leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May. One of the most notable meetings was with the Honourable Denis Lebel, the Minister in charge of the new 10-year infrastructure plan worth $53.5 billion. Lebel met with CUTA delegates over a breakfast reception in Ottawa, providing the forum to listen to the concerns and challenges faced by our industry representatives. He also engaged some A GREAT NATIONAL TRANSIT AGENDA (KEY MESSAGES) This year's narrative for advocacy days revolved around the economy, jobs and productivity, all prevalent priorities for the government. These themes continue to be re-iterated in various nation-wide addresses, including the 2013 budget announcement and the Speech from the Throne in October. CUTA focused on three key messages for its advocacy efforts. We continued our traditional message on the importance of funding (i.e. earmark funding for transit investments), but also focused our efforts on R&D government programs for transit (or lack thereof) and on legislative policies to increase safety for transit operators and passengers. The two latter topics resonated quite well with decision makers, initiating healthy dialogue on topics not traditionally debated in the past by CUTA. LOOKING BACK AT OUR SUCCESSES As we prepare ourselves for the New Year, CUTA members can be proud of the major advocacy milestones achieved by our industry in 2013. For the first time ever, the federal continued on page 25 "Our New Building Canada Plan is providing the largest and longest plan in the history of our country and public transit projects are eligible in every category. As we implement the New Building Canada Plan, I look forward to continuing to work with the Canadian Urban Transit Association to ensure Canadians can benefit from world class infrastructure." The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs Bob Paddon, CUTA Chair, speaking to delegates. canadian transit forum | forum canadien sur le transport collectif 23

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Message from the President: Customer Service—The Core of Our Business
Message du président : Service à la clientèle—Le coeur de notre activité
Elevating the Customer Experience: CUTA’s Passenger Charter
Rehausser l’expérience client : Charte du passager de l’ACTU
CUTA 2013 Fall Conference in Calgary: Transforming the Customer Experience
Congrès d’automne de l’ACTU 2013 à Calgary : Transformation de l’expérience client
Advocacy File: Ottawa Embraces CUTA as the “Go-To” Organization for Transit
Le dossier de la sensibilisation : Ottawa adopte l’ACTU comme organisation « de référence » en matière de transport collectif
People in Transit
Les gens du transport
Industry News
Nouvelles du secteur
Trade List & Buyers’ Guide
Index commercial et guide des produits

Canadian Transit Forum - February/March 2014 / février/mars 2014