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Fire Door Solutions has developed products and services to assist hospitals and medical facilities with adhering to the new 2012 Life Safety Codes as it applies to inspecting, repairing and maintaining fire rated doors. We are committed to providing products and services that ensure your fire rated doors are compliant with the new Life Safety Codes. Fire Door Products  Fire Door Caulk Door Thru-Bolt  Fire Door Shims  Door Gap Gauge  NFPA 80 Inspection Kit  Fire Fire Door Services  Fire Door Inspections Door Repairs  Fire Door Field Labeling  Inspection Training  Fire BOOTH# 1225

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Inside ASHE - Summer 2015

Letter from the President
What’s New
Member to Member: In Pursuit of Safety Excellence
Member to Member: Safety 101
Awarding Results
An Eye on Compliance
Reducing HAIs
Reviewing Passive Protection
Low Voltage Distribution Transformers
Creating a Water Management Plan
Energy-Efficient Data
New Opportunities to Participate in the Development of the FGI Guidelines
Customized Guidelines e-Learning
Better Budgeting
Peak Performance
Proper Coil Maintenance
Seven Steps to Risk Assessments
Proactive, Collaborative, and Layered
Member Spotlight
Advertisers’ Index

Inside ASHE - Summer 2015