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President's Perspective / Andrew M. Hayes, AIA 2015 AIA FLORIDA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President: Andrew M. Hayes, AIA President-Elect: Martin Diaz-Yabor, FAIA Secretary/Treasurer: Nati Soto, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C Vice Presidents: Gregory John Burke, AIA Kim Headland, AIA Joyce Owens, AIA, RIBA JJ Scott, AIA, LEED AP BD+C Associate Director at Large: Jordan Yee, AIA Immediate Past President: Nathan Butler, AIA, LEED AP 2015 AIA PUERTO RICO EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President: Richard Cuebas, AIA President-Elect: Nilda Marchan, AIA Treasurer: Carlos Purcell, Assoc. AIA Secretary: Luis Mattei, Assoc. AIA Immediate Past President: Raul Perez-Veve, AIA Associate Director: Jose Rivera, Assoc. AIA Director One Year: Geraldine Perez, Assoc. AIA Director Two Years: Esteli Capote, Assoc. AIA Director Three Years: Jorge Calderon, AIA 2015 AIA VIRGIN ISLANDS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President: Robert deJongh, AIA President Elect: Stacy Bourne, FAIA Past President: Michael Stauffer, AIA Treasurer: Patsy Breunlin, AIA A robust organization is signified by the opportunities for growth and leadership it makes available to its members. As we enter the second century of AIA Florida's leadership in, and support for, the profession of architecture, I am extremely encouraged by our recent initiative to mentor the next generation of architects. This important action reminds me of the words of R. Buckminster Fuller when he said, "I look for what needs to be done. After all, that's how the universe designs itself." At AIA Florida's annual business meeting in Boca Raton in July, historic action was taken to ensure that our association remains resilient and relevant for the foreseeable future. Through unanimous action by all the components, a new organizational structure was adopted. Changes include reducing the size of the Board of Directors from nearly 50 members to 22. An additional position was created for an Associate Director and eligibility for the position of vice-president was opened to associate members. This increases the opportunity for associate members to serve on the Board from two percent to more than 27 percent. In addition, each component will now have a single State Director engaged in the fiduciary operations and oversight of AIA Florida. These individuals will serve the state association while serving as intermediaries with the components they represent. Hopefully, this Board action will further ignite the passion of the next generation of architects for serving the Association while establishing a legacy of lasting engagement. To paraphrase 2013 AIA President Mickey Jacob, FAIA on the next generation of architects: "they advocate that community-building projects should be standard practice, not exceptions. It is their sense of urgency to enlist the public as partners in using design to shape more healthy, productive and livable communities that carries with it the seeds of our renewal as a profession. We would be wise to nurture them." In addition to a streamlined Board of Directors, the association's new governance structure created the Strategic Council that will include three public members, three members who are Deans or Directors of Florida Schools of Architecture, the immediate past president of AIA Florida and select members of the Association who will serve on a rotating basis. This council will not have fiduciary responsibility. Rather it will be charged with engaging and interacting with communities around the state, listening to citizens' concerns and bringing topics that matter back to the Board of Directors. The combined goals of these actions will ensure that, going forward, AIA Florida remains a nimble organization, an association that is engaged in the relevant issues facing the built environment and one that enlists the talents of its best and brightest members to advance the cause of good architecture. Now, more than ever, we need members to engage and participate; and an important part of that engagement is inviting new architects to join the organization. Today, as our schools of architecture produce a more age, gender and ethnically diverse group of young people to the profession, it is imperative that we welcome them, engage them and demonstrate to them the value of membership in AIA Florida. ■ 2015 FLORIDA REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES Miguel Del Rio, AIA Daniel L. Kirby, AIA, AICP, LEED AP BD+C REGIONAL ASSOC. DIRECTOR Sherryl Muriente, Assoc. AIA 6 www.aiafla.org http://www.aiafla.org

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