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feature FPMA 1980-1999: More Influence, a More Professional Image By Mary Lou Jay B y the 1980s the Florida Pest Control Association was welcoming a new generation of pest control operators. "There were a bunch of us in our early 30s who really got involved," said Norman Goldenberg, FPCA president 1989-90. "The older generation, some of the forefathers of the association, gave us young bucks some guidance." He recalls learning from industry standouts like Dempsey Sapp, Sam Walkup and Robert Dixon. There were generational conflicts, however. One concern of the newest recruits was the public perception of the pest control industry. Jean B. Harp, president from 1981-82, appointed a professionalism committee to make recommendations on ways to improve the industry image. The committee recommended creation of FPCA's own professional accreditation. Some operators even took the test for the "Registry of Urban Pest Management," but members voted the program down at the association's annual meeting. Vernon (Vernie) Pickhardt, 1986-87 president, remembers how difficult it was to convince some members that an image change was necessary. "I grew up in the industry, but I wanted no part of it. To me it was a bunch of rusted out trucks that 8 May | June 2015 looked unkempt," he said. He felt the operators were good businessmen, but didn't care about their image. But Pickhardt and his brothers ended up working for his father's business, Aero Pest Company, for several years, and then he became involved in FPCA. "I remember going to FPCA meetings with my father and my brothers and I would wear white shirts, ties and blazers," he said. There were other young professionals - people like Brendan Cavanaugh, Pam Jordan and Phil Van Damn - who were similarly Vernon C. Pickhardt, swears in his son, Vernon (Vernie) C. Pickhardt, II as FPCA President in 1986. |

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Presidential perspective: Out and About with FPMA
FPMA 1980-1999: More Influence, a More Professional Image
Update on the Invasive Conehead Termite Treatment Program in South Florida
Four Secrets to Communicating with Clarity
Capitol concerns: Legislative Tour 2015 Recap
FPMA Leadership: Class 2 Takes on Tallahassee
FPMA corner
Operational excellence: Five Characteristics of Attractive Pest Control Merger Partners
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