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fpma corner Remembering JACK CAITHNESS C ol. John "Jack" Hamilton Caithness, husband of former longtime FPMA Executive Vice President Toni Caithness who dedicated his time helping the association, passed away Sept. 23, 2015. He was 93. After retiring as an accomplished military man (who served in World War II and the Korean Conflict), he moved to Florida. Here, he met Toni and they were married in 1976. During their relationship, he was a commercial realtor and later worked alongside her dedicating countless hours volunteering for FPMA, known as the Florida Pest Control Association at that time. Toni led the association for 26 years. He later became the editor of the newsletter/magazine for the association. In addition to his wife Toni, he is survived by a loving daughter Ann Semon, husband Lenny, their sons Craig and Tucker and four great grandchildren; Step-children Billy Byers, Mary Hurley, husband Mark and their five children Johanna, Antoinette, John Thomas, Elizabeth and Margaret and former wife Marian Caithness. He was laid to rest Sept. 27 in Dallas. In lieu of flowers, please place a donation to in memory of Col. John H. Caithness. "I feel very fortunate to have shared 39 of his 93 years." - Toni Caithness, wife "Colonel Caithness was a man with presence. If you were ever in a room with him and there was a question about something or a problem, he was quick witted and would help you out so you could move on. - Brenda Nabi, sister-in-law "Jack is one of those special people that always had a positive impact on those around him. He could help you through a tough time, guide your decision making process or just make you feel good." - Rick Lewis, friend and former FPMA president | "He was always a warm, kind, and patient man, very calm man, never in a hurry. I never saw him under pressure, never saw him falter. I never heard him complain about anything, nor heard him condemn or criticize others. I never saw him in a bad mood and never saw him grumpy. He is the one human being who has had the most formidable impact on shaping me into the human being that I am today. I know I would not be the person I am today nor would I have achieved the things I have achieved without the Colonel in my life." - Dr. Mary Hurley, stepdaughter "Things were a bit tough in the beginning as you can imagine. Having a real father and a step father all of a sudden, things were a bit confusing. Being the oldest (at 8), I had to be strong. But the colonel was all about compromise and as Mary said he taught us to walk the middle of the road in all aspects of life. Thank you 'Pop Pop' for teaching me to hold my chin up no matter what life brings you, as I did in many of the pictures... and thank you for taking care of Mary and I as your own children. Most importantly, thank you for treating my mom with the love and respect she deserves!!" - Billy Byers Jr., stepson Pest Perspectives 27

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Message from FPMA Headquarters staff
Indecent Exposure: Stories of Pesticide Exposure
presidential perspective
The Advantage of Minimum Risk Pesticides
Best Practices for Exterior Bait Stations
capitol concerns
marketing matters
operational excellence
FPMA corner
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Pest Perspectives - November/December 2015